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SSIS includes two special tasks that enable you to query system information and monitor system events: the WMI Data Reader Task and the WMI Event Watcher Task. These tasks are especially useful for system management, as you will discover with examples later in External Management and WMI Task Implementation Topic. WMI uses a specialized query language known as WQL, which is similar to SQL, to obtain information about a Windows system. WMI has many features and capabilities, so we won’t be able to cover all of them, but here are a few common uses:

  • You can get information about files and directories, such as file size, or enumerate the files in a folder. You can also monitor the file system for events, such as whether a file has been modified recently. This could be required in a package if your package is importing data from a CSV or XML file. A change in the file could trigger tasks to fire in your package.
  • You can determine whether an application is currently running. In addition, you can find out how much memory that application is using or how much processor time it has used. This is useful if your package needs to know whether a companion process is running before creating some sort of output result.
  • You can obtain information about users in Active Directory, such as whether a user is active or has certain permissions to a resource. This is useful in a package if information about a user or machine on the network is required for your package’s execution.
  • You can control services that are running on a computer system and actually start and stop them as required. This is useful if your package needs to stop a service during a data transfer.

This is just a small sample of the information you can glean from a computer system. You can obtain information not only about the current system but also about remote systems. As you can see, this gives you access to a great deal of information that could be used in the execution of an SSIS package. For example, you could determine if enough disk space existed on a drive before copying a backup file from a remote system to the current system. You could also monitor a file for updates and automatically import the changes into a database table. Later in External Management and WMI Task Implementation Topic you will see how to actually implement these two examples. For more information on the WMI system, visit HTTP://MSDN.MICROSOFT.COM/ENUS/LIBRARY/WINDOWS/DESKTOP/AA394582(V=V....

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