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Why is health & safety training important?

The health and safety training session in Mumbai helps in identifying certain skills. which the team may lacking and develop the skills to meet the needs of organization. i.e. giving the team , the skill set for finishing the job quickly, effectively and in safe manner. 

One of the fundamental component for a successful business is, productivity. The another thing…


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Colleagues of the Future will be From Virtual Teams

With the myriad changes sweeping the workplace, virtual teams look like the New Economy phenomenon that is here to stay. Organizations need to implement the right policies to get the most out of this system.

The most visible and most powerful technological tool of the recent past, the Internet, has brought about changes on a scale and dimension that is, to put mildly, phenomenal. This present-day revolution has spawned many by-products, among which the virtual workplace is one. A…


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NEBOSH International Certificate Employment Opportunities

Nebosh Course in Cochin:

Green World Group is the Best Health and Safety Training Provider in Cochin.

As Green World Group celebrates its 800th batch celebration, Get register now to get qualified in NEBOSH with free professional courses.

Contact Us at 9791082789

Safety Course in Cochin:



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Seven Reasons Why You Should Invest in the Best SEO Services

There are plenty of reasons that you should think about getting and hiring the top company to help you with your search engine optimization needs. There are plenty of reasons that going with the best seo services is the best thing for your business, including the fact that it can drive…


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Social Media at work: Quandary for organizations

Allowing use of social media at work is a major decision for many organizations, considering that its pros and cons weigh almost equally.

The social media being the double edged sword that it is; allowing its use at work is a “shall we, shall we not” sort of conundrum for most organizations. While on the one hand, their use can be a tremendous fillip in some ways to the organization; in other situations, they retard productivity.

Advantages of Allowing Social Media at…


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NEBOSH benefits and Employers benefits in Cochin

NEBOSH and other safety courses in Cochin by Green World Group 

What’s covered in IGC?

The NEBOSH IGC gives the strong foundation in health and safety management, identifying risk, a hazard at a workplace and the effective ways to get out of it, ways to handle the emergency situation and more.   



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What will I learn from NEBOSH IGC Training course

With NEBOSH International General Certificate, Make a way to lead your organization with high standard of health and safety. Gets NEBOSH IGC training from Green World Group, which is a best health and safety course provider in Chennai.   

GWG provides the full support in achieving the NEBOSH qualification. The training from us provides the necessary…


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Here’s why you should attend clinical compliance trainings

Wondering if you should attend clinical compliance trainings? The following paragraphs will explain to you the criticality of clinical compliance trainings. We hope this article will help you understand why you should attend clinical compliance trainings.

First, let us…


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Nebosh Safety Officer Training Institute in Kolkata

How can I be a safety officer?

In order to become a safety officer, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree and gain knowledge in occupational health and safety. Some jobs require a master’s degree in any filed or occupational health and safety field. NEBOSH qualification fulfills the requirements of health and safety management at workplace, identifying risk, hazard and the control measures of it, handling emergency situation etc.  

Importance of…


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Pain management: the most common types of pains which make people go to doctor

Despite all the advancements in medical examinations and investigations neurology is still a field where doctors have to find answers to a whole lot of questions concerning the acting, the reactions and the nature of the receptors which deliver pain coming from our neurons to our brain, to let us know that we actually feel pain.

Thankfully the help of X-Ray, MRI, CT scan nerve doctor…


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What are the benefits of taking NEBOSH IGC certification in Saudi Arabia

Nebosh Course in Saudi Arabia

NEBOSH Course is designed for people in all kind of organizations, operates outside UK or MNC’s already following international standards but in need of adapting the   local needs and practices. This is for people as managers, supervisors, worker representatives, non- safety specialist and also for people who wants to make safety as their…


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Choose Best Safety training insitute for Nebosh in Saudi Arabia

As one of the world’s leading training organization,Green World Group provides a wide range of course in the area of Health, Safety and Environment.

With well experienced, highly educated, trained and skilled tutors, GWG delivers unlimited training to candidates in health and safety courses.  Our institution is accredited and   recognized by…


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Sexual Harassment is a Serious Workplace Issue that Needs to be Handled with Firmness

Sexual harassment is a very major issue at the workplace. It requires tact and courage on the part of the victim, and willingness on the part of the employer to deal with it.

One of the most serious issues at the workplace; sexual harassment is one of the foremost work-related issues of our times. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) describes sexual harassment as the following:

“Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical…


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NEBOSH Course in Hyderabad

Safety Courses in Hyderabad:

Health & safety controls and measures depend on the type of industry and specific needs for their business. There are various types of safety training and practices being offered in accordance into the industrial requirements. These training include from general certificates to those that concentrated on specific industrial safety difficulties. GWG safety courses…


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This is How SOX Compliance will Look like in the [Future]

Formally known as the “Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act” in the US Senate and as the “Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act” in the House of Representatives, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) is a landmark legislation that the American Congress passed in 2002. Named for the sponsors of this Bill, senators Paul Sarbanes and Mike Oxley, it was passed in the wake of the financial scandals of huge American…


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Employee Engagement is the Core Component of Productivity

Organizations that believe in the mantra that an engaged employee is an asset have to create conditions necessary for fostering employee engagement. There is no better channel for taking the organization towards greater heights.

Among all the things that an organization's leadership does to foster productivity at the workplace, nothing perhaps ranks as highly as employee engagement. Management gurus the world over acknowledge that employee engagement is the most potent tool for making…


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The Features of NEBOSH courses for employees

NEBOSH IGC is one of the best choice for people who seeks job in health and safety region as it creates a solid platform for candidates to do their further study in health and safety , NEBOSH   International Diploma. One of the advantage in taking up NEBOSH qualification is , it does not require any previous safety experience , special academic qualification or skills…


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Safety Tips-04.10.2018

  • Customer Rules - Always obey customers cardinal, golden or life-saving rules.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Wear appropriate PPE for the hazard or task at hand.
  • Fitness For Work - Do not work while fatigued or under the influence of alcohol, drugs/ prescription medication which may impair your ability to…

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Discipline and Termination Have to be Dealt with Very Prudently

Organizations, especially their HR, have to take utmost care in dealing with discipline and termination. Not doing so could cost them dear.

Disciplining and terminating employees is a crucial function of an organization. If done right, it rids the organization of unwanted flab. If done wrongly, it can invite lawsuits, lead to bad blood and loss of reputation.

Distinction Between Discipline and Termination

Disciplining is a means of ensuring that an errant employee comes…


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Nebosh Course Training Institutes in Hyderabad


National Educational Board on Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is one of the most exceptional educational institutions with dedicated courses for employees and students in the field of health and safety management, risk assessment, etc. The courses by NEBOSH are designed by keeping in mind, the different types of hazards and the possibilities of risk ,which  the workers face every day at workplace and the  control…


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