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Keep your parking lot safe and lower the risk of accidents

The #1 place to get into an auto accident is in a parking lot. What are some best practices you implement to reduce accidents?

  1. Reduce speed
  2. Use more signage
  3. Develop a way to enforce your policies

Reduce Speed

An easy, affordable way to reduce speed are to add speed bumps to the entrance/exit of your parking lot, and anywhere else faster…


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The importance of glow in the dark material

My newest blog has a bunch of pretty cool photos that for some reason will not upload properly here. Please go to if you want to read the blog and see the photos.


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Start preparing now for your next evacuation

The 6.9 earthquake this Sunday reminded us of the need for a solid evacuation plan. I live in an area that rarely feels an earthquake (I think there was a 3.0 when I was in seventh grade) so I’m no expert on earthquake protocol. What I can tell you about is how important it is to have a safe evacuation assembly area for your employees/residents/visitors. The earthquake in Mexico-southern California occurred on Easter Sunday saving most business from being affected…


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Mark your Truss-type construction and protect firefighters

Trusses are fabricated components (constructed with diagonal members) made of wood and steel. Although Truss structures are very safe and the smart choice when spanning a large open area, they collapse with less stress from a fire, thus putting firefighters in greater danger. Marking Truss-type buildings with labels on entrances will allow firefighters to be… Continue

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Major changes to NFPA 1600 - 2010 version

Please check my new blog on

I summarize the changes to the newly released NFPA 1600® Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs.

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The difference between bumps, humps, and curbs


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What do the metric system and European pictorial Exit Signs have in common?

...neither will likely be used by the United States although they're used by most of the world. In an

article by Julia Turner, the US is nearly alone in its use of red-lettered Exit signs, just as we're alone in using miles instead of kilometers. The rest of the world uses the "running man", a pictorial sign showing a man running through a door - in green - the international color meaning "go", and in this case GO NOW! Tuner says, "In… Continue

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Messages on floors may have greater impact

As human beings, we're exposed to messages everywhere we go - safety signs at work, billboards on the highway, posters at the grocery store promoting sales - as we get used to seeing them, they become less effective. Most

messages are at eye-level to get your attention, however, it becomes easier to ignore them or read them without internalizing their main point. As a business owner, safety inspector, or team leader, how do you get your employees to really see the messages you're trying… Continue

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Oops- your forklift bumped a corner! Protect corners, columns, and machinery

Even the most experienced forklift driver may occassionally have an ‘oops’ moment. Protect your facility from damage with Concrete Column Padding – round or square, Rack Protectors, Column Protectors,… Continue

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Create a complete exit, fire & evacuation guidance system

Exit, fire & evacuation policies are mandated by OSHA, thus necessary for every business. Emedco helps you to create an exit, fire & evacuation system above and beyond what is expected by OSHA, giving you an edge on safety in any emergency situation. First and foremost, you must place Exit Signs above exit doors. For a money-saving "green" option, choose Emedco's… Continue

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Portable floor stands for fast, temporary warnings

Portable Floor Stands can be picked up and placed anywhere to restrict pedestrian traffic. Place around spills, in front of manholes, elevators or restrooms. Two-sided messages guarantee your message won't be missed in either

direction. Portable Floor Stands are constructed of durable polyethylene and will not chip, crack or fade, regardless of the environment. They send a… Continue

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Emedco carries the safest glow-in-the-dark material in the industry

SuperGlo is the brightest, safest glow material on the market that is applied to the top of an Emedco exit sign for added safety in the most dire conditions. It is a non-toxic, non-radioactive ultra-safe glow-in-the-dark film. The film charges in 5 minutes by natural or fluorescent lighting and does not require electricity to glow for over 30 hours. SuperGlo material is perfect for reducing energy costs and is eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-radioactive, making it safe for any employee to… Continue

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Falls are still the #1 injury in the workplace

According to the National Safety Council's newest report, workplace falls have increased by 2%, keeping them at the top of the list when it comes to workplace injuries. How do you keep your workplace safe and free of workplace comp claims, lawsuits and lost time? Stock these products at your facility throughout the year and reduce the risk.

  1. Keep super-absorbing mats at all…

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Reflective Exit Signs are favored by firefighters

Reflective Exit Signs

are a firefighter-favorite when it comes to searching a dark building.

Reflective signs light up instantly when struck by a beam of light from

a flashlight, making them perfect for dark corridors and basements.

Reflective signs are not a good option for every area of your facility,

but they're perfect for dark rooms and stairwells that don't get… Continue

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Portable fire extinguisher FYI - Parts I & II

Part I:

Types of Portable Fire Extinguishers:

Class A:

  • Identified by the letter A surrounded by a green triangle
  • Contains Water
  • Used for wood, paper, i.e. the most common flammable items
  • The most common Portable Fire Extinguisher

Class B:

  • Identified by the letter B surrounded by a red square
  • Used for flammable liquids, i.e. oil, grease,…

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Reduce pedestrian injury in and around your workplace

According to the National Safety Council’s 2008 Injury Facts report, 70,000 pedestrians were injured and 6,100 died in motor-vehicle accidents in 2006. How could some of these injuries have been prevented? By properly labeling and identifying of hazards on and around your property.

A great way to start controlling traffic flow on your grounds is to install speed bumps. There are several varieties of speed bumps: Rubber…


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