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4 Easy Tools for Integrating Instagram Feed to Your Website

The popularity of Instagram as a social media site is rising with each passing day. In the fullness of time, many digital marketers have grabbed the opportunity and are now exploiting it as an ideal marketing platform.

In attempts to ensure that their websites are in perfect sync with Instagram, business owners have now found ways of integrating Instagram into their web designs. Out of the multiple options available, embedding of the Instagram timeline to their websites is the most common. Embedding Instagram feed on your website does not have to be as complicated as some people might have made you believe. It is simple and can be done in a number of ways. Let us explore some of the most common tools you can easily take advantage of.

Official Instagram embedding

This turns out to be the most popular option for many people. Instagram developers present web designers with the opportunity to embed the Instagram feed and other posts on the website. It is even better if you are using a WordPress site because you can easily carry out the embedding from the official website. It is the most reliable option, explaining why most people tend to opt in.


Snapwidget boasts of diverse widgets. Each widget is different from the other in several ways. Each widget comes in a different design with varying features as well. Some of the available widgets allow you to embed Instagram feeds based on usernames and photo location maps. You can also create slideshows based on selected snaps. If you find it fun to try out multiple variants when it comes to embedding Instagram feed, this tool would be perfect for you.


This tool also comes handy in embedding posts from Instagram on your official website. The best thing about this tool is that it also caters to other social media platforms besides Instagram. Juicer relieves you from the stress of constantly updating the embed codes. This tool has the ability to embed new posts or even auto-upload posts from Instagram. On the other hand, you can also delete posts which you do not want to show up. The process is easy and straightforward. You can use it on any site. One thing you won’t fail to like is that everything you need is wrapped up in one easy-to-explore package, just the way you want it!

In stash

For active Instagram users, you probably know about this tool. Photo embedding with this tool is easy and enjoyable. You can choose the photo for the feed from your account or specific accounts. You are also free to take advantage of liked photos of Instagram followers and hashtags. At the end of the day, you will have a wide range of images to choose from, giving your Instagram feed a more dynamic outlook.

Instagram presents a perfect marketing platform for businesses. Integrating this platform with critical aspects of web design makes it even easier for brands to exploit digital marketing. Depending on your preferences, you can take advantage of the highlighted tools to help you achieve this. 

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