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A guide to keeping your kids safe at home

As a parent - no matter how old your child is - you have a number of responsibilities to your child: to make sure they are properly taught important life skills; to make sure they’re happy and healthy; and, most importantly, to ensure that their home is a safe place for them. There are many elements to this, and there are many dangers facing people in everyday life, but every parent must keep their child safe at home, whilst striking a balance between keeping them safe and healthy and mollycoddling them.

Two of the biggest dangers that can be found in your home are electricity and food that is not properly or safely prepared. So, here is some advice, and easy steps, to introduce some reasonable, non-intrusive measures that will protect your child from some key home-based dangers so they can enjoy their childhood. This advice focuses on what you can do to protect your children from electrical dangers and from health and safety risks from food.

Electrical safety

Electricity is something that we come into contact everyday without really thinking about it, and it’s at the heart of powering our home and giving us access to the amenities of modern life that we really enjoy. But it can also be dangerous. There are some simple things you can do to protect your children from its dangers. For younger children, it’s important to use plastic stoppers to close unused plugs, since a they can easily be electrocuted if they insert an object or their fingers in to an empty socket.

All hands must also be bone dry when touching wires and switches, since a dangerous - and perhaps fatal - current can surge through the body if electricity comes into contact with water. You should make sure that your child is taught that they must always dry their hands thoroughly before they handle electrical items, and must not take wires, extensions or other electrical objects anywhere near baths, sinks, or other sources of water. Make sure that, if you have young children, unused wires are unplugged and that all sockets are covered. Make sure they don’t stick anything into switched on toasters as this can lead to a fatal surge.

Food safety

A lot of people get a great amount of pleasure from eating food - and so they should, it’s delicious and important. But in order for it to be enjoyed free of unhealthy consequences, food must be prepared in a clean kitchen and in such a way that it is perfectly safe to consumer. t’s also important that when kids are helping cook they follow the right precautions to ensure that them, and the food they make, remains safe.

That means ensuring that hands are washed before and after cooking, and after handling raw meat, and ensuring that things like hats, hairnets, or aprons are worn in the kitchen. In terms of ensuring the food you serve your children is safe to eat, make sure that you store raw and cooked meats separately, that you keep the kitchen and the surfaces you are using to cook clean, and that you only use implements that have been cleaned.

So, most importantly is ensuring that hands are always washed before and after cooking, so hazardous materials or bacteria are not transferred to or from food. Hats, hairnets and aprons should also be worn in the kitchen. And it’s also vitally important that raw and cooked meats are stored separately or else they can be become contaminated and extremely hazardous to health. Make sure that you keep your kitchen surfaces clean and always use clean implements.

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