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Amazing Tips For How To Pass NEBOSH IGC Examination

­­NEBOSH is widely recognized international qualification in health and safety. If you wish to career platform in health and safety, NEBOSH IGC (International general certificate) certificate is the effective course to begin with. Some candidates feel that the NEBOSH IGC is quite difficult to get qualified; this article helps the candidates to get rid doubts and fear regarding NEBSOH.

Make use of the below mentioned points to make good grade in NEBOSH IGC:

  • Do create an inspiration, which is the very big initial point towards attaining the goal. NEBOSH IGC must be your prior and great inspiration at once you take the course. This will definitely help throughout your preparation and exam.
  • Register yourself in a NEBOSH course provider, with good candidate support. The course provider helps in providing support and training to succeed in NEBOSH examination. The tutors helps in training the candidates by providing the ways of approaching the exam like, how to answer an question, needs of examiner in your paper , and much more.
  • As NEBOSH IGC exam requires hard work, make a reading plan. And schedule your time properly to cover all the topics of course content. Definitely this reading plan will give you more confidence.
  • Begin your preparation early, so that you can have much time to revise Reading and revising in hurry may leads to loss of information and ideas on topics.
  • Have the habit of making revision note. During study time, make a revision note by writing the important and key points of the course, which helps during the time of revision. Instead of reading the whole book for revision, revision using this note saves your time and provides clear cut idea about course content.
  • Do avoid cramming – Understand the principles behind every module.
  • Try visual map – Once you have done with one module, visualize the thing, which you read. Certainly this helps in remembering the information captured during study time.
  • Utilize the NEBOSH review question and answers, for testing your level of preparation. Try to answer the question by yourself, before comparing with the expected answer. Refer NEBOSH revision guide, Question and answer.
  • Try to avoid the distractions, during exam. Because distractions may rob your allocated time and leads to loss of ideas in examination hall. Normally the distraction may be the candidates near you.
  • In order to clear IGC1 (Health and safety management system), you need good grasp in health and safety management system. Understand every element of health and safety management is much important.
  • Similarly GC2 (Workplace hazard and control) , usually requires answer with practical oriented . I.e. if you are in health and safety responsibility role at work place, what might be your response?
  • Use Mnemonics technique. Because it helps in remembering the answer during examination. Mnemonics may be a set of acronym which helps to remember a wide context. Do ensure that the acronyms are easy to remember.
  • Understand the Command word in each question. Example :
  • Define – generally accepted definition should be provided
  • Describe – detailed word picture should be delivered
  • Explain –provide the clear account or reason of
  • Give –no need of too much explanation
  • Identify –just select and name it.
  • State – no generally accepted definition is required i.e. less than the demanding of ‘define’ command word
  • Outline – provide the important features.

The command words determine the depth of the answer required in the answer.

  • Double check the date and venue of the exam early and make proper arrangements to go for exam location.
  • Be early to the exam location, so that you can have some time to relax before the exam.
  • Do track the time often in exam in order to manage time.
  • Be ready with the things you needed on exam day. Like pen, watch etc.
  • Be confident .never allows anything or anybody to make you down.
  • Don’t allocate too much time on any question. Read the question at least twice, do understand the command word and answer according to that.
  • Never skip any question; do attend every question. As NEBOSH don’t have negative marking system. You will not lose any marks for wrong answer and do remember that the NEBOSH will not provide marks for wrong answers.

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