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Bloody Emergency: First Aid to Nose Bleeding

A bloody nose can be a pretty alarming medical emergency but it is actually quite common. Considering that the nose has a large amount of blood vessels makes it very sensitive to any amount of pressure or irritation that can cause bleeding.

Although it is very common, it is vital that such emergencies are handled correctly. Improper handling can cause a patient to ingest blood that can travel to their lungs.

With employees sitting around or doing strenuous amount of labor eight or more hours five days a week exposes them to a lot of outside factors that can contribute to nose bleeding, it is necessary that you equip your workplace with the proper First Aid steps in order to address these cases correctly without causing further damage.

Alsco offers an obligation-free First Aid auditing program that can help you identify whether your employees are in need of intensive First Aid training on this issue, check out their website for more information:

Before learning about how to combat nose bleeding, let us first identify why it occurs. Being informed with the different causes allows you to give the proper medical attention the patient needs.

The most common causes of nose bleeding:

·      The weather: The nose has a pretty wide opening that can be directly affected by and cold environment. Nose bleeding can occur when the nasal passages experiences drying and a cold surrounding.

·      A viral infection: A patient who suffers from sudden nose bleeding can be suffering from a bacterial infection. After administering first aid, it is important to have them checked up to find out the root cause of the bleeding.

·      Stress: Compared to the other parts of our faces, the nose has the most number of blood vessels. A person who is suffering from stress is experiencing a variety of changes in his or her blood circulation that can lead to nose bleeding.

·      Hormonal changes (for pregnant women): A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of changes in her body while in pregnancy, changes in her hormones can contribute to her nose bleeding.

·      Digital trauma or nose picking: The nose is very sensitive to any amount of tress or pressure and has a really thin lining. Excessive nose picking can damage the nasal passage’s lining that can lead to bleeding.

·      More serious medical conditions: People who suffer from frequent or extended nose bleeding may have more serious medical conditions that are undetected or yet to be treated. Tumors, genetic disorders, and hypertension may cause patients to experience nose bleeding unless prescribed with the right medication.

·      Substance or alcohol abuse: People who are highly dependent on illegal substances and/or alcohol may experience constant nose bleeding. Patients who are drug or alcohol dependent must be gradually be weaned off from their addictive substance of choice in order to avoid constant nose bleeding.

Now that we understand why nose bleeding occurs we must now inform our employees and ourselves with the proper steps in responding to this bloody emergency.


First Aid to Bloody Nose:


Remember the acronym we provided below:

L - LEAN FORWARD and pinch the bridge of the nose. DO NOT ASK THE PATIENT TO LEAN BACK, doing so would allow blood to travel down to the lungs causing irreversible damage.

I – ICE PACK. Once t he blood flow coming from the nose has stabilized or has made a significant decrease, get a hold of an ice pack for the patient and instruct him or her to place it on the bridge of the nose.

C – CALM DOWN. It is vital to keep the patient calmed down in order to administer the proper first aid steps. Make sure they are seated in a cool and well-ventilated area away from clusters of people or machineries that release allergens, which can further irritate the nose passage.

C – CALL FOR MEDICAL SUPPORT. Usual nose bleeding cases cease after placing an ice pack on the bridge of the nose. If the bleeding persists for 10 more minutes after performing initial first aid steps, call for a medical specialist on site or bring patient to a health facility ASAP. It is vital that a responder makes sure to follow the steps above in order to avoid causing more damage to the patient’s current situation.

There you have it, LICC. Nose bleeding is a common medical emergency that can happen anytime and everywhere, especially in the workplace. Make sure your employees are prepared to respond and administer the right first aid steps during such instances. Aside from providing them with the right training, it is also vital that your workplace has the right tools for every situation. Using non hospital-grade first aid tools may risk a patient to infection due to cross contamination. Always make sure you have fully stocked first aid kits that are easily accessible to your employees.

Alsco offers a rental program on first aid kits that are regularly serviced and restocked for you. These first aid kits are portable and are equipped with everything a responder needs during a medical emergency. You can learn more about how your workplace can benefit from this rental program in :

Administering proper first aid even to the most common medical cases can save a patient’s life. Keep everyone informed and educated with the latest protocols and stock up on hospital-grade tools and solutions throughout the workplace.

The steps stated above are some general cases that can be followed in the most common of scenarios. It is still advised that patients who experience such medical emergencies be brought to a health facility under the supervision of a trained medical staff in order to find out if there are any underlying causes.

There are instances where further tests must be performed to make sure they receive the best treatment.

Employees are your biggest assets as a business. Ensure their safety and provide them with the necessary medical attention and privileges so they can continue providing you with exceptional service for longer. Visit Alsco’s First Aid Resources section for more first aid guides and how-tos.


Image Courtesy: Flickr Image by Muted

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