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Curiously I have not seen any comments in our blogs on this catastrophe. Certainly a very serious event that could have been prevented. This event has certainly added fuel to the political fire regarding future oil drilling within USA territorial waters. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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Comment by Lyndon Pousson on May 25, 2010 at 4:36pm
Ian. With all due respect, I do not believe that boycotting is a solution. Human beings depend on products derived from those two natural resources. Surely you realize the vast number of everyday products you use that are made from components of crude oil? To shut down drilling would be the equivalent of shutting down all power generating plants in the U.S. over a period of time. If BP, or anyone else, for that matter, were able to plug this leak, it would have been done 34 days ago. Eventually, the truth will be known and the responsible parties will pay. This disaster will set us all back at least a decade, including the wildlife, the sealife and all of the industries that will suffer. But they all will bounce back. Instead of pointing fingers and talking about boycotting, let's all sit at the table and work on ideas to prevent this from happening again.
Comment by HUGSAFETY on May 24, 2010 at 1:47pm
Personally, I suggest others to boycott BP/Amoco gas and affiliates as I and many of my friends and colleagues have done for their negligence and uncaring attitude towards this disaster. Our beautiful coastline here in Florida is mucked up and the poor animals that populate it have really suffered from all of this. I am truly disgusted by all of this blame shifting and concealment of the facts. Why have they not thought of using haystacks as an absorbent tool to at least keep the spill from viciously spreading until they plug the leak or transfer the oil through another line?
Comment by Lyndon Pousson on May 22, 2010 at 10:29pm
I too am surprised that there hasn't been a stream of discussions. Certainly the oil drilling industry hangs in the balance here. As everyone knows, the only way to prevent (or help to prevent) this from happening again is to have open root cause discussions. I have a few opinions but would like to hear what others think about what could have been done differently to prevent this disaster.

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