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Controlling Health & Safety Risks GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF PREVENTION

As a way to control the hazards identified by danger tests, the worker and the self-employed require to introduce a risk control strategy of prevention. This is based on the following principles;

1. Avoid the hazard/risk most of the time - Eg usually do not work at height, clear the windows from the ground level, so avoiding the danger of decreasing.

2. Evaluating unavoidable risks - do a appropriate and sufficient danger assessment & measure the dangers. This will enable for prioritization.

3. Control the hazard at source - Eg if methods are slippery, exchange or take care of them rather than just placing up a forewarning sign. Restore a target in the floor rather than demarcating the location.

4. Adapt work to the individual - consider ergonomics by improving upon design, organization and operating and generation methods. Also when deciding on perform machines or designing work areas. Remove monotonous work, where feasible, by career modernize or staff member rotator.

5. Adapt to technical progress - keep up to par and informed on brand-new innovations in paths of working that lower or remove hazard/risk. Exchange aged loud tools with modern much quieter equipment.

6. Replacing the dangerous by the less dangerous - E.g substituting mains powered electrical hand resources with battery powered hand tools or substituting a solvent dependent chemical for a water based substitute.

7. Developing a coherent policy - Building a coherent entire reduction plan, which handles development, business, doing the job conditions and social interview.

8. Give priority to collective protective measures - isolate workers from the hazard/risk by enclosing the process rather than giving out protective equipment. Protect from falls by the use of nets rather than a harness and line.

9. Providing appropriate information, instruction and training - workers need to understand what they need to do to protect themselves.

10. Issue Personal Protective equipment only as a last resort - when all other approaches of risk reduction fail to lower the risk completely.

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