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Essential Steps for Industrial Fire Prevention

Fire in workplace or in an industrial setup is a hazard that can cause considerable damage, loss of property, and lives. It can be an alarming situation causing complete destruction of workplace, which can hardly be re-built hence, resulting in loss of work too.


Hence, every industry needs to develop fire protection programs to be followed and installed in every phase of the industrial sector. Besides, it also needs to be thoroughly equipped with firefighting instruments to fight any fire outbreak. Fire prevention and fire protection mainly concentrate on three goals:

  • Continuity of operations
  • Property protection
  • Life safety


Fire Safety Checklist to Focus on


Electrical safety: This refers to proper installation and usage of electrical wires, cables, and other electrical appliances. Industries must refrain from overloading the electrical circuit, which might cause short circuit. A regular inspection of the meter room and other essential electrical areas for prevention of fire is must. In case of fire outbreak due to short circuit, the main switch must be switched off.


Machine safety: Before installation, inspection of the machines and their features is essential. Some of the things that require attention include the:

  • Warnings
  • Instructions
  • Safety features
  • Danger notes

Officials need to be acquainted with the emergency stop button and the proper tools or devices to use for operating them. The departmental engineer must be reported about non-functioning of any part, electrical hazard, and also about regular maintenance of the machines. A skilled professional is required for repair work on account of any faulty wiring or any other electrical malfunctioning.


Chemical safety: Mishandling of chemicals too can lead to fire hazards. Hence, a copy of MSDS is essential to read and understand. The team, which is handling it, must be well equipped with personal protective equipment to avoid any dangerous outcome of spilling it. All chemical bottles must be correctly labeled, safely preserved, and handled with care by experts. A constant check on them is essential for the safety purpose.


Equipment inspection: All industrial equipment require careful inspection and procurement. Proper inspection is needed before installation and that should be apt for operation and performance. Moreover, officials working with the equipment are required to have the skill, qualification and knowledge of operation. Besides, they must also undergo trainings on operations for required safety purposes.


Fire Prevention Equipment during Emergency


In case of emergency, the best and updated fire-fighting equipment are required for prevention and protection of property and lives. Fire prevention techniques are based on monitoring of systems or equipment that detect the early signs of combustion and immediately operate to prevent the fire from breaking out. However, in case of fire, the technically updated equipment aid in prevention and firefighting.


Testing equipment

Testers, water flow meters, gauges and other such equipment are needed for the regular testing of all the industrial machinery like hydrants, pumps and hoses to ensure that they function properly.



Industries might require the latest and technologically approved monitors and water cannons for controlling high-capacity water jet. These can use foam too, injected in upstream piping. An array of monitors ranging from big to small and from portable to apparatus-mounted are available. Besides, fixed site systems can be used according to industrial requirement. The apparatus-mounted fire monitors has the capability to pump up to or more than 2,000 gallons per minute.


Fire hose couplings

Industries may span over a wide area. In case of an outbreak, long hoses are required for extinguishing fire. For this, fire hose couplings are a must. These couplings are made of aluminum, steel, brass and stainless steel that connect with extra fire hoses for firefighting.




Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fans and blowers create pressure inside a building to clear away heated air, fire gases, and smoke, replacing them with fresher and cooler air to control fire explosion.


Besides, other fire prevention equipment integrated with the latest technology are also used in different industries. Some of these equipment include:


  • Water sprinkler
  • Deluge systems
  • Foam
  • Water mist systems
  • Suppression
  • Reels
  • Hydrants and post indicator valves
  • Gas
  • Twin agent skids
  • Dry chemical
  • Bunker gear


The best way of fighting the fire is to prevent it. Bearing in mind its fatal consequences, all industries must lay emphasis on installing the best and technologically updated devices and equipment that can successfully fight fire and prevent it from spreading. Industries and officials need to be well prepared for responding to immediate measure for fighting fire to avoid any catastrophic loss. Detect, combat and extinguish fire with the latest firefighting devices.

Daniel Smith is a Car Fire Expert and his area of interests and expertise lies in forensic science and Houston Fire Investigation or crime scene investigation related matters. He often consults

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Comment by Patrick Bell on September 2, 2014 at 6:35am
thanks a lot ... yes indeed helpful for the workers
Comment by Jam Blanco on August 6, 2014 at 12:11pm

Thanks! This is really helpful. OSHA also made guidelines about fire prevention in a workplace. Workers should really take advantage of these kinds of safety resources.

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