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From the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order introduced in 2005, Fire Risk Assessment has become a legal requirement also it has become the most important inside a building as respects to fire risk. The various changes in legal activities put the responsibility for safety on the individual (or people) in charge of the working, this can be the owner of the building, the employer, the supervisor who has been appointed, or a combination of at least one of these.

So how you know whether your building is safe against the risk of fire?

Here are 5 checklists of Fire Safety Risk Assessment:

Potential Fire Hazards:

  • Fires are caused when hot /an ignition meets fuel/whatever is possible, including oxygen.
  • Identify for any potential point of ignition or anything that produces flame or heat, for example, electrical equipment and apparatus.  
  • Identify any potential source of fuel; this would incorporate any furniture, materials, nylon materials or cleaning substances and building materials.
  • Take a note of whatever can cause a fire, or consume.

Who is at risk?

  • Everyone is in danger if a fire starts up, but considers the individuals who are especially vulnerable, for example, the elderly, disabled individuals, kids or outside visitors who are comfortable with the work premises.  
  • Identify those will be at risk and high hazard.  

Evaluate the information and reduce risks:

  • Take a look and consider the information you have identified so far from the before steps.  Does the manners by which you can stay away from the accidental fire? Make a move to secure the premises.
  • Consider keeping apart the fuels and make sure that they are put away, remove any electrical which are possibly risky and that could cause fire accidents.
  • Protect your premises by making sure that you and others will be cautioned if there is a fire, make an arrangement to ensure everybody can safely be evacuated, watch that all your safety equipment works properly and ensure that others know how to utilize equipment in case of a fire. Take a note of everything which needs improvement or change.  

Plan and practice:

  • Along with your listings of potential fire hazards and what you intend to do to reduce the dangers, track this with the goal that you can make sure everything on the listings is completed to achieve ideal fire safety.
  • Ensure that individuals are taught on how to prevent flames and how you will protect them in case of a fire. Also, make sure that the individuals are already trained if they give a role in fire safety
  • Consult some other who share the building and try to include them also in your plan

Regular review:

  • It's essential that you review regularly your risk assessment as the dangers may change in time. In case that there are any extra risk or changes are spotted, show them and make sure that they corrected properly.

More details about Risk Assessment training Click here

While this checklist can assist you with your Fire Risk Assessment, certainly, you will require an investigation, particularly in case you have huge or complex premises. It is prescribed that a fire safety expert does a brief  Fire Risk Assessment to make sure that nothing has been left unturned and that every hazard is found and attended.

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