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There are regulations in place which require facilities to be aware of all chemicals which are created or brought into their facility.  This is so they can then be sure that any hazardous materials are communicated to the employees and other people in the area.  Hazardous substance communication is required so everyone knows they risks they are taking while working in an area, and also so they can take the necessary steps to keep themselves and those around them safe when working with this type of material.

Hazardous Substance Communication - Safety Training

In addition to simply telling people who work in the area about the hazardous substances, they also need to provide training and take other steps to ensure everyone’s safely.  The training which everyone who works with these materials has to go through is very detailed and will include things like what the chemicals or other materials are, what the potential hazards are and how they should be handled.  This training needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure everyone is up to speed and knowledgeable about the substances they are working with.

Each hazardous substance needs to have training about it so that everyone knows the differences between the different materials.  When there are more than one material which has similar hazards and handling instructions the safety training can be combined into one.  Some facilities have multiple different types of materials which are used on a regular basis.  They can hold safety training all on one day which will ensure that everyone gets the information they need.

Hazardous Substance Communication – Proper Labeling

Following the proper labeling standards is also an important part of communicating the information about different hazardous substances which may be found within a facility.  Depending on the type of material being stored there are different label requirements as well as optional labels to provide additional information as well.  If, for example, a container is holding a specific chemical which will be used within the facility it must be clearly labeled with what chemical it is.  This can be done with either the full name of the chemical or the full chemical symbol for that chemical.  The label can then contain additional information and symbols depending on what types of hazards and risks are involved with working with that specific material.

Following the standard labeling is essential when working with hazardous materials because it will help ensure everyone is on the same page for this type of thing.  Whether you’re only moving the materials around within one facility or bringing it to a disposal location having everyone be able to quickly read the label and understand what they are working with is very important.

Overall the hazardous substance communications procedures have been very effective at ensuring people are aware of the types of things they are working with.  This knowledge has gone on to help keep people safer as well as help avoid accidents which can be dangerous to anyone in the area, or the environment impacted by any type of spill.

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