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How to Leverage the Power of Social Media to Improve Traffic Volumes on Your Website

Almost all online marketers talk about using social media to drive organic traffic to their websites, however, many simply don’t know how to go about it. If you are among the countless that are confused, here are a few tips that can prove useful:

Ensure Visibility of Your Website’s Address

Every social media platform has a specified place that can be used to include your website address; in fact, some networks even provide multiple opportunities to you. Whatever be the design of the social media site, be sure to include the URL of your website in a prominent manner. By doing this you will not only be able to generate traffic to your website but also enhance your website’s credibility.

Share Blog Posts on the Social Media

Also, make it a point to share your blog posts on every social media channel you are present on. This improves SEO, as search engines get more opportunities to discover your website. You also get a better level of engagement that boosts website traffic. Since Google can penalize you for duplicate content, you should endeavor to present the information contained in the blog in different ways. Use Google Analytics to monitor which social media sites are driving more traffic so that you can start focusing on them.

Refer People to Queries to Your Website

When you post pictures of your products and services, it is quite natural for certain followers of your account to ask various things about your products and your business. These could be as mundane as the location of your office or where the products are available your business hours, or even questions seeking assistance to some problems or issues. While you can post a brief response on the social media, you can drive more traffic to your website by including the URL of the page that contains the information that your Instagram followers are seeking. For example, if anyone asks you location, you can point them to the map embedded on your “Contact Us” page. If you think creatively, you will be able to give more exposure to the different pages of your website to both your target audience and to the search engines.

Prompt For Conversions with CTAs

You can deliver the best information or the best products in the world but the entire exercise would be futile if it does not result in conversions that you are targeting. It is a good strategy to keep on reminding your visitors that they should take the desired action. You can do this by placing attractive and impossible-to-miss CTA buttons for sharing on different social media platforms. When valuable content on your website or blog is shared on the social media, it helps you to get additional traffic from the networks.


Apart from taking cues from the above tips, you should also optimize your social media profiles from the point of SEO by ensuring the presence of appropriate keywords and inserting links to your website. Soon your brand will enjoy better visibility and traffic volume to your website will improve.

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