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INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY Is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, NIR or NIRS, is considered a superior method assay to traditional ones, which are destructive and also reduce the number of doses for sale. It overcomes these drawbacks by being both rapid and nondestructive, which helps it respond to the pressures in the pharma industry for generating more and more data, which leads to more assays that bring these inevitable downsides.

In being responsive to the physical and chemical environment of the dosage form: NIRS helps determine the potential values of API content, hardness, moisture, dissolution prediction, and degree of crystallinity. NIRS is valuable to the biopharma industry because, with its associated Chemometric software, is capable of monitoring, and also controlling, a bio-process.

NIRS enables a fermentation to have all its nutrients and by-products monitored simultaneously without consuming too much time for it the way traditional tests do. The use of NIRS is inestimable for medical research and investigations, since its penetrating radiation gives its users the opportunity to actually see through flesh and investigate the chemistry of a body in a non-intrusive and safe manner.

With its computational power and the ability to penetrate human tissue; NIRS is suitable for many kinds of bio-tests, tumor examination and many other such applications. In fact, it was used to measure the blood oxygen of bomber pilots during World War II.

At this webinar, the speaker will briefly review the theory and hardware available for near-infrared spectroscopy and show how and why it is good for the applications which it is put to. He will explain the many chemical and physical measurements of pharmaceutical (small molecule API) and biological (proteins, enzymes, bacteria) analytes. He will describe how the speed and specificity of NIRS allow these processes to be monitored and controlled in real-time to assure a quality product that is safe and effective.

At this session, which is of high value to Analytical & QC Chemists, Medical Researchers and Pharma Formulators; Emil will cover the following areas:

  • Types of NIR equipment used in each industry
  • Methodologies for pharma applications (sampling, software, validation)
  • Methodologies for biopharma
  • Methodologies for medical research.


About the speaker:

Emil W. Ciurczak is the co-editor of the “Handbook of Near-Infrared Analysis” (4th edition in preparation) and co-author of “Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications of NIR Spectroscopy” (1st and 2nd editions). He has over 100 referenced publications and over 350 presented papers on the subject and is a Contributing Editor to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Contract Pharma magazines.

He won the 2004 EAS “Achievements in NIR” award was a member of the FDA’s subcommittee on PAT in 2002. He consults for pharma companies and instrument manufacturers.

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