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Ionix Advanced Technologies Ltd Closes £2 Million Funding Round After Innovation Win

Ionix, a company specialising in proprietary high performance piezoelectric materials, has closed a £2 million funding round after their Innovate UK award. Since then, the business has received further backing from ParkWalk, IP Group PLC, the University of Leeds as well as a number of private sources.

The additional funding came just a few months after the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, awarded the company and co-funded the development of their transducer devices. The relocation to the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre in Huddersfield increased the company’s capacity to supply material parts, sub-assemblies and complete piezo component devices, and this has helped to lay the foundation for the brand’s next stage of growth.

With support and financial backing, Ionix are able to move quickly into the commercialisation stages of their product development for 2018. Providing a next generation, high temperature, high pressure ultrasonics and monitoring equipment for a number of industries.

HotSense™ transducers by Ionix  are designed to offer reliable, stable and cost effective ultrasonic measurements at extreme high temperatures, something that previous transducers in the industry have not been able to do before. The ultrasonic technology can operate continuously in extreme environments and this also includes temperatures as low as –40°C (or as high as +380°C). These devices perform in high pressure conditions to help with thickness monitoring, crack detection, range sensing, level sensing, and flow measurement.

This revolutionary transducer device can help plants and sites makes significant cost savings, as well as a reduction in energy usage. Saving downtime by providing a more efficient process that operates under all operating conditions.

“Operating temperatures are often increasing and operating times extending to increase efficiencies and lifetimes, whilst the world demands continuous 24/7 operation and zero system failures. Our technology looks ideally placed to play a part in the drive to increase continuous condition monitoring, and we are gaining good traction in this area.”  - David Astles, CEO Ionix

A number of non-destructive monitoring products are available from Ionix currently. Including a number of applications used for the Refining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Nuclear, Aerospace and Process sectors. The HotSense™ range includes continuing monitoring transducers, NDT inspection transducers, and flow transducers. All of which can be deployed and modified to your exacting requirements.

With Ionix’s expertise in acousto-mechanical design, they are able to offer both off the shelf solutions as well as bespoke technologies. Their HotSense™ transducers are designed to be compatible with all standard industry hardware, and the team will provide support for the full integration of their products.

Industry experts have forecasted that the Corrosion Monitoring System market is set to increased at a CAGR of 10.68% during the period 2017-2021. Making the next few years a critical time for companies like Ionix Advanced Technologies to penetrate the different industry sectors. For Oil & Gas in particular, corrosion monitoring has been a key part of corrosion prevention and with the industry’s ever-changing product mix, it’s important to have reliable, real-time monitoring that can work in any environment.

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