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Online Proctored Exam For Secured Recruitment

With each passing day online test proctoring has been garnering trusts from the educational institutes and universities with distance learning courses that even the recruiting managers have started thinking about it. Exactly, how online proctored exam would help in making the hiring process a secured one is how we would be discussing here.

Online Test Proctoring And Recruitment Firms

If you are one of the recruiting managers thinking about online proctored exam to screen, select and recruit candidates then you must be aware about what exactly is online proctoring and how is it different from traditional invigilation. In addition, why online test proctoring gaining so much favor from students and teachers alike? So let’s find out some answers here.

Online proctoring unlike traditional invigilation could be done in three ways including – Live online proctoring, recorded proctoring, advanced automated proctoring. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take it one by one and see what each of them entails.

  1. Live Online Proctoring Test: As the name suggests, in live online proctoring, a qualified proctor monitors the candidate through live audio and video feeds. Well qualified and trained proctors ensure the authenticity of the candidates and look for any red flags that may result in either cancellation of the test or any other repercussions. Red flags include suspicious eye or facial movements, spotting an unverified or unpermitted device in the examination area, which could mean cheating. In case there are any doubtful circumstances, the proctor has a right to either shut the test or report to the organization about the prohibited activity. While a proctor in this online proctoring could monitor 32 candidates at one go, the biggest disadvantage this type of proctoring is that it is dependent on proctor’s availability at a given date and time. Usually, both the education institutes and recruitment managers avoid going for this type of online proctoring.
  2. Recorded Online Proctoring: Completely opposite to the live online proctoring, a recorded proctoring, just records the activities of the candidates, as they are giving their exams. This recording is then replayed by a proctor at a top speed to catch any suspicious behavior or event during the exam. Like everything else this type of proctoring too has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage being that since there is no preschedules candidates could take the exam from the convenience of their home, office or even a public library. And the disadvantage is that like live online proctoring it too requires human intervention and hence could be expensive and quite difficult to scale.
  3. Advanced automated proctoring: As the name suggests, this type of online proctoring requires no human intervention and while it records the activities of the candidates giving exams, it also keep a watch on any red flags, which would direct towards any ill-practice by the use of advanced audio and video analytics. Since it is the least expensive as compared with the other two, this is the most favored form of online test proctoring used by recruiting firms.

   As the companies choose their mode of online proctoring to screen and then recruit candidates, the recruitment process has become easy and faster.

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