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Optimizing Time Using the “Beforehand” Technique

As professionals, we seem to be hard-pressed for time always. We seem to be running from one task to another and seem to be racing against time during most of our activities. Though this situation seems to be the case with most people around the world, some people have the talent of managing time better.

What makes them different? How do they leverage time better, when we all have the same 24 hours in a day? Is there a way to manage time more efficiently? Is it a skill that is vouchsafed into only some individuals? Not really. Time management is not a special gift from above. It is something we all can inculcate with practice and common sense.

Managing time beforehand is more effective than in its aftermath

There exists a very efficient and valuable tip for maximizing the benefit of time. What most of us do is to respond to situations as they arise, which is why it is difficult for us to meet deadlines all the time and manage time better. One major technique is being able to manage time beforehand, as opposed to handling it in the aftermath of an event. This is a major shift in the way we manage time.

When we manage time beforehand, we create more space –both mental and physical –to anticipate the next moves. Anticipation, vision and foresight are required to bring about this thinking.

Insights into managing time better

An in-depth explanation of how to optimize time management will be the topic of a webinar that is being organized by TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry. Work Life Balance Expert® Jeff Davidson, who is a very popular name in management circles in the US, will be the speaker at this webinar.

Jeff is frequently quoted or featured in USA Today, the New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Times; in Fortune, Forbes, and Businessweek; and on 175 talk shows. More than 2,316,000 people have found Jeff’s award-winning books (cumulatively selected by book clubs 41 times), audio-books, videos, keynote presentations, and executive seminars transformational.

To adapt the ways of handling time better by learning how to anticipate events better, please enroll for this webinar by visiting TrainHR.

Viewing this webinar, its entirety qualifies for a recertification credit hour that may be counted toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification from SHRM.
Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program.

Getting the house in order first

Jeff will share a new approach that integrates time managers’ priorities and goals with what he calls their personal “systems”, meaning the artefacts that show how we manage our time, such as the way we keep our desk, office, closets, car and other spaces. Isn’t it true that we have attempted to organize ourselves around these items, only to give up after a while?

Jeff will explain that managing the beforehand requires getting organized. It is at the root of some people’s ability to stay in control of their time and on top of things without any difficulty. This could take as little as just one weekend and some weeknights.

No need to fear organizing ourselves

There is no reason to feel intimidated when we are required to spend some time for personal organization. When fear sets in, we end up postponing this crucial task and allow endless interruptions to take us off course. Still, organized one must be, because it helps us to clear off many unwanted items from our collection and helps us support our priorities and goals.

What are the benefits of organizing ourselves better and managing time beforehand? It gives us more time to do the things that really matter, which we have put off because we don’t seem to have time for these things. We will be in a better position to take care of our daily needs better. We can eat better, think better, exercise more, and feel energetic all the time.

The “beforehand” insight and strategy will help us face the challenging work environment in which we find ourselves all the time. This technique gives us the time and the ability to rise above the prevailing norms in the industry and consistently exhibit high productivity. This webinar will consist of simple measures that will be very effective and will go a long way in helping us tackle many issues relating to time.

Jeff will cover the following areas at this webinar:

  • How to emulate the best practices of others
  • How to manage the beforehand for optimal productivity gain
  • Where to find technical gurus if you're not strong in this area
  • How to marshal your resources to meet or exceed your challenges
  • How to proceed with confidence each day
  • How to use a timer to dramatically increase your productivity.

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