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The OSHA 10 training program (also known as the OSHA Outreach Training) is the single most popular course for safety training in the US. This course is mandated in a number of states and over 1.6 million students have been trained over the past three years. OSHA authorizes trainers who complete the required training to teach this course, and students who complete the course receive an OSHA 10 hour card as proof of their completion.

In the past, the OSHA 10 course has been available online, via video conference (webinar) and through live, instructor led classrooms. Courses can be found in all 50 states through various state, city, and private OSHA authorized instructors. Most course have been delivered in one full ten hour day. All that has changed effective October 1, 2010.

OSHA Authorized instructors will no longer be permitted to deliver training in ten (10) hour increments. That means, that you can no longer complete your OSHA 10 in one full day's training session.

OSHA having considered the issue of how people absorb training, no longer believes that students can retain safety training in ten hour increments. Limiting training to more reasonable time increments will likely lead to more effective OSHA 10 training. The maximum number of hours in one day has been set at 7.5 hours. OSHA 10 Hour training must now be delivered over a minimum of two days and OSHA 30 Hour training is to be delivered over a minimum of four (4) days. OSHA states that they will only consider exceptions to the new OSHA 10 Hour training rules in "extremely extenuating circumstances." Cost, time lost, trainer availability, etc. cannot be considered as factors.

OSHA 10 hour training has enjoyed a tremendous popularity in this country as workplaces have become safer, and adding these new restrictions may actually have a counter effect of fewer people being trained due to the time restrictions.

Additionally, OSHA 10 online training does not appear to be effected as it is still possible to register for online training and complete the course in one day if desired. While most students will choose to complete the course at their own pace and leisure, this one day training option for OSHA 10 online still appears to be possible.

Peter Altuch, President
HR Training University
"OSHA reviewed and accepted for online distribution"

OSHA 10 On-Site Class Information NYC October 2010

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Comment by eduard sam on July 1, 2011 at 8:26am
Outreach training like osha 30 course , you can do online and what has to be done on the job. Being able to save time and cash with online training is only effective if you are taking the right courses, after all.
Comment by Peter Altuch on October 12, 2010 at 8:45pm
Effective online training for OSHA 10 or any safety or training course is a matter of how well the course is able to convey the learning points. We've all been to pretty lousy live instructor led courses. Many online osha 10 courses have up to date lesson plans and mix up the interaction with the student. Classes that are pure "page turners" can turn students off. The best OSHA 10 online classes allow for "give and take" with instructors where you can turn to through email and get real life answers from safety professionals who have been in the field. We know of many live instructors who have never held a safety related job and often they come across as too "academic."
Comment by Peter Altuch on October 12, 2010 at 4:53pm
Online training for OSHA 10 appears to be headed for a similar restrictions as far as how students are able to train online. Currently students can sit in front of the computer for 10 hour's straight and complete the course. Of course, OSHA recognized this double standard compared to its recent decision requiring live osha 10 classes to be delivered over a minimum of 2 days. Soon, online osha 10 students will not be allowed to train all at once. However I believe that online and on-site osha 10 can co-exist. It would benefit all students if a portion of the course could be taken online and a portion in live classroom training. Students may not be able to dedicate two days for live courses, but could train online for a portion of their studies. This would be a sensible compromise allowing on-site providers some flexibility in delivering up to 7.5 hours of training, with the rest delivered online. What do you think?
Comment by B. Kevin Stafford, Esq. on October 8, 2010 at 12:00pm
Online training without Instructor lead direction needs to be done away with as well!

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