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OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems


Respiratory protection safety management system is a need for people who work in areas that require respiratory systems. Such people are exposed to various types of contamination, because of which they will be required to put on protective systems. The aim of OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems is to set out Quality Systems for respiratory safety management that offer engineering control measures.

OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems is set out in 29 CFR 1910.134. This standard describes the guidelines aimed at protecting workers who are required to work in hazardous environments. OSHA prescribes a respirator in the event of a person being required to work in conditions in which pollutants that cause respiratory issues are present.

Conditions in which respirators are required
respiratory-protection-safety-management-systemsThese include mists, dust, fog, gases, sprays, vapors, etc. An employer who employs people who work in these conditions is expected to provide respirators to such employees. The employer may either provide these respiratory systems or allow the employee to use one of his own, so long as the product is of satisfactory quality standards. OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems has a lot of detailed information about all aspects of the respirator. One of the requirements of OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems is that the respirator should be NIOSH-certified.

OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems deals with important aspects of a respirator, such as why it is necessary, how to wear one, the respirator’s abilities and limitations, the medical condition of the personnel required to use it, how to clean it, how to repair it, how to recognize situations in which it will not be able to deliver its optimal performance, and so on.

Onus on the employer
respiratory-protection-safety-management-systemsOne of the highlights of OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems is that it requires the employer to put in place a respiratory protection program. Each employer whose workplace has conditions that are hazardous to the respiratory system has to establish a written document that specifies what kind of respiratory system protection he has put in place at the facility. Procedures that are specific to the facility or workplace have to be described in this program.


A program administrator, who is a qualified person, will be in charge of administering OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems. Only someone who is qualified, experienced and well versed in the use of respirators will be appointed to this position. This official will be tasked with carrying out and overseeing the implementation of respiratory systems as part of OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems.

respiratory-protection-safety-management-systemsRespirators for Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) need to be provided whenever and wherever necessary. The conditions that necessitate the issuance of IDLH respirators are spelt out by the OSHA’s standard on Respiratory Protection Safety Management Systems:


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