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Pain management: the most common types of pains which make people go to doctor

Despite all the advancements in medical examinations and investigations neurology is still a field where doctors have to find answers to a whole lot of questions concerning the acting, the reactions and the nature of the receptors which deliver pain coming from our neurons to our brain, to let us know that we actually feel pain.

Thankfully the help of X-Ray, MRI, CT scan nerve doctor specialist are getting closer to being able to more punctually determine reasons for someone feeling pain. Going to medical examinations and hospitals is obviously not most people’s favorite activity and therefore we do our best to procrastinate our medical visits, even if they are regular checks. Pain is what’s used by our bodies as a call to action. And the stronger it is, the stronger it’s trying to signal that something is wrong and it needs to be checked.

The most common types of pains which make people visit a neurologist:

  • Back pain issues: there are dozens of reasons we can feel back pain which most commonly shows up in our middle –to –lower back regions. This can be a sign of a simple strain, a herniated disk or a fractured disk. In elderly people lower back pain is often due to arthritis. Many of these conditions are destined to go away by themselves but other conditions can be successfully treated and corrective surgeries can also be applied to fix them.
  • Neck pain issues: similarly to back pain neck pain is also very common, most often due to a sprain or a herniated disk. These conditions most often appear for athletes or by accident.
  • Headaches: headache can have tons of different reasons, from accident, to fluctuating blood pressure (high blood pressure is often accompanied by pulsating headaches) and also migraines. Unfortunately headaches can also be a sign of serious problems, therefore if pain is present for a longer period of time (by this we mean it’s strongly present for more than a few days) it’s definitely worth getting it checked out.

Pain management doctors or neurologists would perform a series of exams to find out the root cause of the pain.

Neuropathic pain

There are several types of pain we can distinguish from the slighter pain to the numbing pain. The reason why you definitely need to visit a professional neurologist when in pain is because regular painkillers don’t always work with all the types of pain. The most severe type of pain we can feel is called neuropathic pain and it doesn’t react to common painkillers at all. Professionals are still searching for the exact reasons why it appears, its roots and also continuously examine the types of medications which can be successfully used to make neuropathic pain fade or completely go away.

Pain diary

If a patient is in pain for longer periods of time, they are often requested to start a diary on when and how pain appears, what sort of pain they feel (numbing, fluctuating, pulsating) or if the pain goes anywhere else. This leads to a better understanding on the reasons why the pain appears on the first place.

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