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Proven Ways to Make Home Safe Abode for Your Family

In general, we all feel safe in our home. But is it that safe? Danger or threat to the house can come from any given source. It may be from burglars, devastating weather, flies and many other sources.

According to the latest survey report, more than 20,000 people alone in Australia die because of accidental injuries at home only. One out of thirty-six homes face attacks from burglars. Seven people every year from home fires and many other risk factors are there that get difficult to evade.

In a nutshell, our house is not that safe how much feel about the same. But we can at least try to make it a safe abode for our beloved family and us. This post contains some useful pointers that show useful ways to ensure the safety of the house. So, have a look at the ways and see whether you can make a difference or not.

  • Install Alarm System

During police interrogation all over the world, more than 90% of the convicted burglars accepted that they want to avoid homes with an alarm system inbuilt. In case they find that the house has an alarm system, they leave the site. Research studies have also shown that 74% of the incomplete burglaries are the result of an audible alarm. Make sure to install an alarm in your home.

  • Get Modern Day Robust Locks

Around 30% of the burglaries that happen across the world are not because of forced entry. This means that intruders don’t have to do much to get an entry into the house and serve the purpose.

 Make sure to install robust locks available in the industry as these locks are unbreakable and given utmost security to the house. Stop relying on chain locks and get in touch with professional locksmiths to get some unique for your home.

  • Get Fire Extinguisher

This might sound strange to many because in most of the cases commercial building and premises make use of fire extinguishers. But households use LPG connection in their kitchen for cooking purposes, and most of the home fires are because of gas leakage. Installing a fire extinguisher might help to combat the situation to some extent, and the solution will also restrict the spread of fire all around the house.

  • Install Doors and Windows Fly Screen

The intrusion of flies to the house is another source of causing threats to the members living inside. The worst thing is that flies come along with many deadly viruses that can have a severe impact on our overall health standard. Flies often infect foodstuff, the source of water and different edible items.

To avoid all these, households need to close all their windows and doors throughout the day, and this restricts the fresh air and natural light to enter the house. On the top of that, it also leads to high energy bills. All these have one great solution – install fly screens for windows in Melbourne as well as in other cities also.

Apart from the pointers discussed above, many other safety measures are also available that helps to make the safe house abode. But working on the ones discussed above might help to get rid of the threat and to make it safe for the loved ones. Please let us know about your suggestion regarding the post and don’t miss out to share all your queries below in the comment section.

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