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Dusty and messy window will not allow the light to pass inside, which has a worst impact on people who lives in that building

In it is an office building; employees may have to work throughout the day with light for the whole day.

This is the reason behind all building owners/ managers have to ensure that they recruit an expert for cleaning in order to maintain clean and spotless window

Difficult To Clean Issue

It is quite difficult to clean the outside facades and windows of tall buildings, but there are no issues with interiors as there are no access issues

When it comes to cleaning the situation is somewhat different as one has to climb out should make cleaning the glass which is dangerous  

There only authorized window cleaning companies should do rope access / abseil window cleaning.

This methodology has potential risks, so every professional cleaners should respect and follow relevant safety measures required to do the job    

This is a great responsibility for the building managers and employers while choosing cleaning services carefully  

Rope Access Window Cleaning in Dubai

The rope access window cleaning is more accessible and one of the efficient method than any other cleaning methods, it is its main advantage.  

If the workers created the stage for cleaning they will work quickly by making all windows a spotless ones in few hours even for taller buildings

The workers should know their own work very well i.e. they all should be familiar in their work. They should follow local laws and safety regulations also they should have much skill in window cleaning   

In case they move to next window, it will be impossible to come back to clean the spots which they have overlooked without doing one.

They should be more focused and they are supposed to have good ability to work even under stress. Hanging out is much stressful other than any challenge.  

Also the cleaners need to ensure that they don’t leave any items or tools which may cause any injuries to public in sidewalk.  

This is also a life threatening issue, so effective safety measures should be taken to safeguard such situation  

There exists many challenges in rope access window cleaning but there will be great benefits for the managers and building owners.  

They might have clean windows even without installing scaffolding or any other expensive solution

The professional cleaners may do wonder for cleaning the facades of the building by sliding on rope with soapy water and cleaning tools.

Sometime any injuries or accidents may happen while working in height, so the company should have legal insurance coverage for the employees and the owner or manager of building should make sure about this.

Every equipment should be checked and inspected before its usage and the employees should wear necessary safety equipment required for the job. It’s not worth the hazard.

Industrial ropes are used for scaling down high rise building for abseil window cleaning.

This activity has high risk, and it is easy to understand the reason behind it is so tight.

Every employee who indulges in this work should be well trained and they must be certified to do this kind of job.   

As they have to hang on rope during cleaning the glass, they should have be focused extremely on their work and they should have to control themselves in critical situation.   

They should not suffer from any kind of sickness like vertigo or any  kind of medical situation.  

They should be capable of coordinating with their moves accurately because they should clean properly while working with rope.   

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