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HD Analog technology was first introduced to the security industry in 2010, as an alternative technology to network IP video, to deliver HD resolution video over traditional coaxial cable. HD Analog significantly reduces the installation and operational complexity – relative to IP, since HD Analog doesn’t require a complex network infrastructure.


In recent years, due to strong market demand factors, Hikvision, Dahua Jasanwit and other manufacturers are in the back-end equipment increased investment in R & D, Jasanwit now can offer total solutions based on high-definition, many are also applied to the actual project. 

Demand for high-definition surveillance has continued to drive innovation into more efficient HD Analog formats, and to drive down costs – quickly accelerating growth of the HD Analog surveillance category. In fact, security analysts predict – and market trends indicate – that HD Analog will soon outpace sales of traditional analog security products.

What is HD Analog?

HD Analog technology enables you to transmit full high-definition (HD) video over standard coaxial cables (HD over coax) used for traditional analog CCTV applications.

HD Analog is the general term that refers to the ability to send HD video over coax. Since the advent of HD Analog, several formats have been introduced including: HD-SDI, HD-CVI and HD-TVI.


Benefits of HD Analog

HD Analog delivers high-resolution megapixel surveillance video at a fraction of the price of a comparable IP solution, and is as simple to install and operate as a traditional analog solution.

The main benefits of HD Analog are:

  • Megapixel Resolution – High-definition images provide forensic detail and digital zoom capabilities for facial recognition and license plate identification.
  • Simple Installation - HD Analog installs as easily as a standard analog CCTV camera or analog video security system.
  • Lower Cost- HD Analog solutions offer megapixel resolution at a fraction of the cost of a comparable megapixel IP solution.
  • Zero Latency – Monitor video in real-time, without the transmission delays commonly found with IP solutions.
  • Low Cabling Requirements – Transmit HD video fast – and with high signal quality, over RG59, Cat5/6 or most standard shielded CCTV cabling.
  • Longer Transmission – Transmit HD video up to 1600' over RG59 coaxial cable – 3x the distance of IP systems.
  • Transition Friendly – HD Analog products are compatible with existing CCTV cameras and existing coaxial cables.

Why Consider HD Analog Now?

While HD technology has been around for a while, today’s HD Analog offers the latest capabilities, such as longer transmission distances. HD Analog also offers the ability to zoom in on live and recorded video and to provide facial identification and license plate recognition. It also offers the ability to easily upgrade from traditional analog CCTV to analog HD at your own pace with an HD Analog hybrid solution.

HD Analog has also come down in price significantly since the technology was first introduced, and HD-TVI technology, which is one of the latest HD Analog technologies, is a very cost-effective option for nearly every size surveillance application and budget. Hikvision, Dahua Jasanwit and many other leading security companies have went head in the front of development.

Not All HD Analog Is Created Equal

There are several HD Analog formats available today – including HD-TVI, HD-SDI, AHD, and HD-CVI – each offering a unique set of capabilities and compatibilities. Hikvision, Dahua, Jasanwit such several industry leading security companies, Jasanwit always been committed to high-quality CCTV cameras and services to achieve our social value.


HD-SDI was the first HD Analog technology introduced to the video security market. HD-SDI Analog is capable of transmitting 720p or 1080p resolution video using existing standard coaxial cable. HD-SDI cameras require HD-SDI recorders to record video.


  • HD video over coax
  • Simple installation
  • Zoom in on live and playback video


  • HD-SDI cameras require HD-SDI recorders to record video and not all HD-SDI equipment is compatible with all HD-SDI products
  • Not all recorders are backwards compatible to support standard analog
  • Limited hybrid capabilities
  • Limited distance transmission over RG59 coax – only capable of 492'
  • Currently limited to 1080p HD resolution


Analog High Definition (AHD) is an alternative standard for HD data transmission solution utilized by NextChip and Eyenix. AHD includes AHD 1.0 Tx/Rx. AHD 1.0 TX and RX are capable of transmitting 720p @ 25 fps / 30 fps while minimizing data loss and supporting COMET & CVBS simultaneously.


  • Backwards compatible with standard analog
  • Limited compatibility


  • Limited distance over Cat5 cabling – only capable of up to 492'
  • Currently capable of 720p HD video, but is expected to support 1080p by EOY 2014


HD-CVI is a proprietary HD Analog technology from Dahua. HD-CVI transmits HD video with no latency over RG59 analog coaxial cabling up to 1,600' at 720p and 1,300' at 1080p.


  • Zero latency over standard coax
  • Backwards compatible with standard analog


  • Limited transmission distance over Cat5 coax – only capable of up to 650'
  • Most HD-CVI DVRs cannot accept standard analog cameras
  • Cannot mix and match 720p and 1080p HD cameras on an HD-CVI DVR


HD-TVI is currently one of the latest HD technologies available. HD-TVI transmits zero latency HD video over standard RG59 coax cabling up to 1600’.


  • Zero latency over standard coax cabling
  • Open source and backwards compatible with all standard analog
  • Zoom in on live and playback mode video
  • Farther cable runs for large/long distance installations – up to 1600' over RG59 cables
  • Supports analog up to 960H, and HD-TVI including 720P & 1080P on any channel
  • Hybrid recorder can accept single definition analog (CIF-960H), HD-TVI (720p and 1080p) and IP cameras


  • Currently limited to 1080p HD resolution

When Is HD Analog The Right Choice for My Surveillance Application?

  • When you need detailed video that provides positive facial identification and license plate recognition.
  • When you need to zoom in on live and recorded video to gain a more detailed view.
  • When you want to cover a larger area with a single camera.
  • When you want to upgrade from traditional analog CCTV to HD at your own pace and as your budget allows.
  • When you need to utilize legacy analog cameras (dependent upon HD Analog technology chosen) and coax cabling, while upgrading to HD.
  • If you have long distance installation that requires longer cable runs.
  • When you need megapixel video for less cost than a comparable IP solution.

Industries Taking Advantage of HD Analog

Thanks to the benefits it offers, Hikvision, Dahua Jasanwit and other manufacturers are taking advantage of HD Analog. It is quickly becoming the preferred technology of choice for a wide variety of industries and applications including:


  • Capture clearer and more detailed live video of employees, customers and their activities.
  • Enhanced image clarity provides the detail necessary for identification of individuals and the submission of court-admissible evidence.


  • Watch live video of employees and customers with a greater level of resolution.
  • Monitor crowds more easily
  • Capture illegal activities such as card counting


  • Observe employees and currency handling
  • Capture detailed imaging of a suspect


  • Monitor facilities and safety
  • Assist with remote diagnosis of conditions and illnesses
  • Monitor operating room surgeries and procedures

Law Enforcement

  • Clearer and more detailed image of suspects on live video for court admissible evidence
  • License plate recognition
  • Monitor train stations, airports and transportation facilities to improve safety and security
  • Capture people, events and suspicious activities in real-time on video with greater detail and clarity (than analog) in live video mode


  • Monitor train stations, airports and transportation facilities to improve safety and security
  • Capture people, events and suspicious activities in real-time on video with greater detail and clarity (than analog) in live video mode


  • Monitor and analyze player activity
  • Zoom in on live video plays
  • Assist with coaching players

Are There Standards for HD Analog?

There are standards in place for HD-SDI and HD-CVI technology, but they have limited adoption by video security manufacturers.

Currently there are no standards for HD-TVI. While HD-TVI has not set standards, the technology offers compatibility between all HD-TVI cameras and recorders, and is backwards compatible with all traditional analog cameras.

The Future of HD Analog

Future versions of HD Analog are predicted to provide additional benefits and capabilities ranging from transmission over wireless and UTP cabling, to offering higher frame rates; plus the ability to support higher resolutions such as 4k (also called 4K2K) – which is Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) video comprised of 4,000 horizontal pixels.

HD Analog is set to change the course of surveillance by setting in place a rapid transition from traditional analog to HD Analog. In fact, it’s predicted that HD Analog will soon outpace traditional analog sales in the coming year and beyond.

For more info., pls vist www{doc}jasanwit{doc}com & www{doc}janswin{doc}com, tks.

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