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The Careers Growing in Popularity for the Investment Banking Industry

With the growth of the financial industry over the course of recent years, there has been a huge surge in the number of investment bankers in the industry all across the world, working on various aspects of public and private enterprise to make a difference in the future of society. Now, while the job title is used to describe a number of positions, investment bankers themselves function within hierarchies and realms of operation and today, we will be aiming to understand the divisions that this career paths has and where they fit into the hierarchal structure.

As we move further into the new century, technology is changing lives everywhere including the banking sector, enabling independent and talent professionals to begin a career in investment banking if they have the skills and prerequisites required. It has become a much more approachable industry but also an increasingly demanding one with unreliable hours and dependent on the financial health of several factors that affect international markets. Typically, an investment banker acts as a financial intermediary with networking and logical capabilities to handle their client’s account and interests in terms of business investment, alongside other key services. The client may be an individual or an institution/ organization that seeks his/her services. Aside from facilitating transactions of financial investment, they play a key advisory role for financial matters, handling the contracts for mergers and acquisitions. These core skills find a place across almost every major vertical and it relies upon the investment banker to make the most of the enterprises.

It has grown hugely in popularity as time has gone on, due to the exposure it offers to individual professionals, giving them the room to grow immensely, with their earnings often scaling with their work and dedication to their job. The convenience of this profile allows it to be independent of geographical boundaries, and it can be worked from remote positions. Here are some of the job profiles popular in the investment banking career-

  1. Analyst- Usually for people with 1 or 2 years of experience, they are involved in data collection, creating presentations, basic analysis of financial data. It is a key time for the professional as they must be in this position to be able to prove the effectiveness of their skills, and to grow their knowledge and practical experience.
  2. Associate- Reserved for those with above 3 years of experience as an investment banker, with additional responsibilities of client interaction, with a role in both negotiation and leadership, where he manages a small team of analysts. The capacity to grow often depends on the types of investments
  3. Vice President- This individual has several years of successful projects under their belt, and is regarded as one of the most prestigious positions at an investment banking firm, in charge of managing client relationships and holds responsibility for those below him to find the initiative to be able to perform well by keeping operational efficiency up to speed.
  4. Managing Director- This is a very senior position reserved for those professionals who have been working in the world of investment banking for 15-20 years and are geared to play a huge influential mentor and leader oriented role to help take the company forward into the future. The Managing Director makes his primary task to secure high reward deals and ensure that prospective clients are able to make sound, meaningful investments through the firm.

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