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While enjoying MyCareer there's no way you can manually change matchups. It would really help. I got this problem couple of times, but I also see Chris Smoove (YouTuber) have exactly the same issue where Harden is guarded from Lou Williams not Kawhi or PG. For me playing 2k21 pc buy mt Nintendo Switch, it's very very annoying when I enter sleep mode I get disconnected from the servers. Even when it's for less or 30sec. But, when you flip throughout the'5' minutes you won't have to link to the servers. It does not have to be 10/5 min since I know the servers are costly, but please please do it to get 1/2 min. Since it's not used at all in 2k you could also use the touch screen of the switch.

The AI is constantly set to Smother Off-Ball Pressure my defenders are literally hanging off my arm like a clingy date. This makes driving for layups way too easy and also makes getting open for shots. I'm a Playmaking Sharpshooter that I have no business being a Slasher but that is what MyPlayer has become since it's unbelievably easy to cut beyond defenders and set up 40 points in a single match in the paint. Yet scoring from outside is possible on trigger defenders NEVER sag you off.

And the Double Team setting is hilariously broken. Game begins, I put up 10 points plus team for the game doubles. Even if we are up by 30 points with 6 seconds left in the end of the match and I am just trying to hold the ball to conduct the clock to finish the game... they double team me still as if I'm trying to score? Realism seems like it's been thrown in the trash. The AI looks as though it was designed to make things tougher for the shooting badge grinders that don't care about NBA Career and only use it to improve badges for Rec/Park by chucking up shots all game. Do not punish the few men and women who actually enjoy NBA Career still and want to play with how their personality was constructed. It's like we are not allowed to have fun.

Make the courtroom larger or decrease stride length. Court spacing has been a problem for years as a result of playerbase but in large design. I believe the issue has become more pronounced with the coming of player momentum. Turning the corner from the protector almost always puts you at the direct route of a bulge steal or dig unless you are baseline/sideline. Additionally, it is far too quick to go sideline to sideline and easy to clog driving lanes.

It always feels as though the game forces you to dribble into or shoot in certain spots of the courtroom, I think this has been around in past 2k's as well. Career nba2k21 mt would benefit although this suggestion applies to MyPark. This should allow individuals to be more successful driving to the basket and provide big men with better post up chances. It might vastly make defense and crime more fluid and dynamic. We would not need to play game after game with the cheese.

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