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As of the 30th September 2014, forty-five million British citizens held driving licenses. As such, road travel is an intrinsic part of modern everyday life. Chances are everyone will at least be in a car at some point in their lives, even if they never drive. The importance of cars is especially obvious in family life.

Whether it be the school run, or for family days out, or for lifts to friends houses, families know how vital car travel is to them day-to-day, and many parents wouldn’t be able to function without access to a car. But the number one concern for many families ferrying their kids back and forth to school in a car is how safe they will be.

Nobody wants to put their children, significant other, or any additional passengers in harm's way during a perfectly innocent lift from place to place. With 181,384 casualties of all severities in the UK last year, and 1,792 fatalities, as a result of traffic accidents in the UK in 2016, it’s no wonder that families might be concerned with the safety of their car.

People want to be assured that the car they’re using will keep themselves, their adult passengers, and their children safe in the event of an accident. When buying a family car, factors like fuel efficiency, boot space, and number of seats will all be important, but no feature is held in higher esteem than the safety of our. This is absolutely paramount to all, but particularly young, families. So, if you’re in the market for a new family car, here’s the top 3 safest on sale in the UK:

1. Volvo XC90

Whilst being a stylish, cool, and modern family car, fitted with all of the best mod-cons, including an automated, 8 speed gearbox, easy bluetooth connection, a boot that opens with the touch of a button, and an intuitive satnav, it is also the safest family car on the UK market.

Who says things can’t be both exciting and safe? This car disproves that you have to sacrifice one to get the other. Alongside all of those excellent features, and a power, poetic work of art of a car, are a load of safety features, including extremely loud alarms to keep you aware of safety hazards, including ones you yourself have created, such as changing lanes without indicating.

It’s no wonder, then, that this car has been ranked as having a 97% level of protection for adult drivers and passengers, and 87% for children, making it, without a doubt, the safest car available in the UK. It has everything you want in a family car, from lots of dynamic, easy to use features, to the highest level of protection currently possible for your family!

2. Volkswagen Tiguan

The name of this car is a cross between “tiger and iguana”, a typically creative name from Volkswagen, and a typically reliable car. Sturdy, well designed, and with a digital dashboard of exciting features, this is a very good family car, with plenty of boot space for the bounty of various shopping trips.

In addition, there are some extra safety features to prevent accidents, and protect passengers and pedestrians, not least pedestrian warning front braking, driver alert and emergency stop, lane departure and side view, 360-degree parking cameras, self-parking with trailer assist and so many more.

The most notable protection for pedestrians is the “active bonnet”. In the tragic event when contact is made with a pedestrian or cyclist, a sensor strip boosts the bonnet upwards by triggering a “pyrotechnic actuator”. This increases the distance between the bonnet and the engine, so decreasing the impact and the danger. All of this gives the fantastic Tiguan a 96% protection rate for adults, and 80% for children, with 68% protection for pedestrians.

3. Honda Jazz

With a safety rating of 93% protection for adults, and an 85% rating for children, this stylish Japanese car is one of the safest cars on the UK market. It’s traditionally a car brought by the older generation, however it’s an extremely reliable and useful family car.

The newer model contains updated features, to make it better for younger families, but it continues to drives in a civilised manner, sporting a beautifully stylish dashboard design. It is a spacious and ingenious car, perfect for shopping and the school run.

Not particularly flashy or eye catching, it is a reliable, steady, but innovative and well made car, perfect for everyday family life, and with an excellent safety record.

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