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Types of barriers and choosing the right one for you

Barriers play an incredibly useful function and a role in many different areas and aspects of life. As you may expect there are many different types, each designed with the intention of fulfilling a slightly different role or purpose. It’s important to understand the differences and the place or environment in which they are the most effective in order to make a good choice when it comes to buying one that will effectively do its job. Here is a brief overview of some of the most common types and the way in which they can be used.

Retractable Barrier

This form uses a belt that is stretched between two temporary steel posts. The belt prevents access to a certain area or determines the flow of a queue but can easily be lifted by releasing the belt on one of the posts and allowing it to retract using the spring mechanism. These can be transported to the place they are needed and make great flexible barriers.

Steel barrier

Steel barriers are very heavy and sturdy and therefore best used at events where they are likely to come into contact with a lot of force. As a result, they are not so easy to transport but make excellent security features at events such as concerts and festivals where things have the potential to get a little rowdy.

Rope barricade

A rope barrier simply connects two steel posts in an elegant way in order to mark out where a queue should be formed or to separate an area. They are easy to move, the rope can be detached using hooks on the posts and their sophisticated appearance makes them common in banks and red carpet events.

Traffic control barrier

These tend to be made of high visibility plastic, which is incredibly hard and weather resistant so that it can withstand forces as well as the elements. They are often interlocking so they can be made as wide as necessary.


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