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Why use UHMW-PE? This question is often asked. Today, UHMWPE is becoming more and more popular, but most people don't know why it can replace many materials. Here the emerging plastic machining gives you the answer.
What is UHMW-PE?
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is mainly used to make very complex parts. UHMW-PE parts can replace parts made of steel, aluminum, various metals and other polymers. UHMW-PE is an opaque polyolefin with a crystalline structure, also known as high performance polyethylene (HPPE) and very high molecular weight polyethylene. UHMW-PE is a plastic used to make parts that are subjected to high stress. Ultra-high molecular weight (up to 9,000,000 Daltons) and long-chain conformation give UHMW-PE its properties, even though it is lighter than metal. It is extremely resistant to physical forces and chemicals, and has a self-lubricating and smooth surface that prevents blockages and adhesions.
UHMW-PE: stronger, lighter and cheaper
Using a compression molding process allows us to produce various parts from UHMW machining powder to meet your needs. These parts can be machined or integrated with other materials such as rubber. More and more manufacturers are choosing UHMW-PE instead of metals, alloys and other plastics to enjoy the following advantages:
Cheaper than steel and other metals
Suitable for manufacturing complex or detailed parts
Ideal for combining multiple parts into one part
Corrosion resistant, ideal substitute for metal
Resistant to wear, abrasion and impact, better than carbon steel
Excellent adhesion to rubber and metal
Non-toxic, FDA and USDA approved: Ideal for food applications
Sliding, low coefficient of friction
Soft shape memory polymer
Unbreakable high elongation at break
Inert and resistant to many chemicals
Sound absorption, unlike metal
Waterproof and non-swelling
Resistant to various temperatures (-73 to 80 ° C)
Thermal dimensional stability
Suitable for manufacturing coloredcnc machining parts, even parts with patterns

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