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Understanding and responding to the special needs of college students who have autism

When people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) –called just autism –enter college, they are up against challenges that are unique and peculiar to the group. They need to be understood for their special needs, because they enter college at a sensitive age. There is an onus on the part of the other people in the college, such as peer students and staff and those in administration and management to respond to the needs of these students with special needs. With the number of students attending university increasing; the enrollment at college level of students with autism is also increasing across the US. About 50,000 people with autism turn 18 every year. Nearly a third of these attend university, which clearly points to the fact that one expects a steady and consistent increase in the number of people with autism entering college. Americans universities have to learn to understand and respond to thousands of college students with autism every year. People need to be sensitized about students with autism Because of the nature of autism and the unique behavioral pattern people with it exhibit; it is left to universities to sensitize their students and other persons about the nature of autism. They need to be made to understand the emotional and psychological needs and wants of college students with autism. Their peers need to understand the special needs of this population when they come across college students with autism and have to interact on a consistent basis with them. Findings of research studies have shown that the main area in which college students with autism have a difficulty is in “fitting in”. Those with autism have a tough time in mingling with students and talking and comprehending at their wavelength. This makes finding jobs and building a successful career all the more challenging for them once they have finished their studies. Society as a whole, and universities and colleges in particular, and then the workplace, have all got to combine efforts to understand the special needs of people with autism. It requires commitment, education and training, as well as an in-depth and operational understanding of the special needs of college students with autism. These are a prerequisite if they have to be imparted the kind of quality education that helps them assimilate into the mainstream and find career opportunities. Get to learn how to accept and interact with college students with autism MentorHealth, a leading provider of professional trainings for the healthcare industry, will provide valuable learning on the highly important topic of college students with autism. Aaron Hughey, who is a Professor in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs at Western Kentucky University, will be the speaker at this very major and valuable educative session. To imbibe the important learning needed for understanding the special needs of college students with autism, please register. Evidence-based best practices The major highlight of this highly important session on college students with autism is the description the speaker will offer of evidence-based best practices for ensuring that students with ASD transition to college successfully. He will explain how they can get the best value out of their educational experience. He will also describe what is it that centers of higher learning in which students interact with college students with autism need to do at various venues that they visit or interact with others. These could be the classroom or the residence hall, or the dining facilities or the athletic venues. He will show how college students with autism are accepted and can fit in into the overall campus community. Aaron will cover the following areas at this webinar: o Characteristics of College Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) o Ethical and Legal Obligations o Teaching Strategies o Coping Strategies o Interaction Strategies o Social Integration o Potential Student Discipline Issue and Solutions o Reasonable Accommodations o Promoting Self-Management o Campus Resources (including Counseling Services) o Keeping Everyone on the Same Page.

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