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What are the benefits and challenges of job rotation for employees?

Job rotation is simple to understand: as the name suggests, it is shifting the work of employees from time to time, on a temporary basis. Job rotation is a strategy that human resources employ from time to time in some organizations with the intention of bringing in some results. Job rotation is carried out within some job functions in a few situations. Let us examine some of the benefits of job rotation for employees:

Job rotation sharpens employees skills and makes them more versatile

This is one of the primary reasons for which job rotation is done. As a strategy, its aim is to help employees gain more insights into the work other departments and functions carry out. In the process of doing this, job rotation helps employees gain more skills and enhance their profile.

It helps to remove monotony

When employees keep doing the same work for very long durations of time, they are likely to become bored. Job rotation is a wonderful tool in helping to address this. It helps employees overcome this by shifting their work for a while into something else and coming back with vigor to their original position.

Job rotation helps HR identity additional strengths in their employees

This is one of the major benefits of job rotation for employees. When employees are tried at various positions in the organization, it helps HR to identify what they are good at and helps them to develop them accordingly. This is usually not known during the interview because the candidate may have applied for a particular position that may not require this ability. When jobs are rotated, it is possible the employee could discover that she has a talent or inclination for something that she may not herself have known.


Now, these points apart, in the real world, there are challenges in job rotation. It is not always a bed of roses for employees or the HR.

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