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How to provide safety to the small laboratories at schools?

Most schools in villages are opening small chemistry laboratories and allowing the students to experiment whatever they have been taught. The education quality of village schools is not up to the standard. They use cheap quality of equipments to carry out the experiments. If any accident happens then there is no one to blame because these schools are privately owned and government has no interest in taking any action towards the safety of the student. Please share your views about how to provide safety to those labs.

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Hey Charlie, thanks for sharing the situation.  Labs are very beneficial as they give students a chance to have a hands-on learning experience if they aredone safely and correctly.  I think there are several meaningful strides that could be made in regards to this issue.  The first is educating the students of the dangers that go along with these experiments.  This awareness could be very helpful in preventing injuries.   After researching this topic, it is easy to conclude that a lack of understanding hazards as well as inexperience are the leading causes of lab accidents.  Hopefully the instructors in charge of these labs have already been through safety training as well.  

            In terms of safety controls, there is a hierarchy of 3 safety controls that could be implemented.  The first two are engineering and administrative controls.  If there is any way to design solutions so that the hazards can be eliminated, or at the very least have reduced exposure time to the students, that would be preferable.  If neither of these solutions are possible, personal protective equipment (PPE) could be used.  This PPE could include goggles, gloves, masks, close-toed shoes, and other clothes that limit skin exposure to harmful chemicals.  Also it would be very helpful to have emergency equipment such as a fire blanket and extinguisher in the laboratory.   Hazard recognition and evaluation are very important.

            Obviously these solutions require a financial commitment.  With small schools such as these, the budget for these schools may not be able to accommodate all of these needs.  However, getting as close as possible should be a priority.  Hopefully I have been of some help and if you have any other questions please let me know!

Hey Patrick, first of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you gave such a useful answer to my query. Schools which are having very low budget can try to be as close as possible towards the best safety guidelines for their laboratories. Life of the students is utmost important and emergency safety equipments may help a lot in preventing the accident from happening. Thanks again for taking your time and writing such a descriptive reply.

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In my opinion, director of school should provide safety, because he is person responsible for students. Always better prevent earlier, such accidents.

I think you can take third-party help. Both on and off-campus, you can provide your students with immediate access to a professional that will help them no matter the emergency.

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