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Studies have shown that people are more likely to complete and retain information learned from online training courses as compared to live training.

Providing comprehensive online safety training courses for employees gives all companies an edge in todays competitive market. Online training courses and e-learning are now providing more and more companies with the opportunity to train their employees more effectively and efficiently. Online safety training courses also allows companies to thoroughly train their employees in an engaging and interactive manner, and e-learning provides the flexibility that is needed in today's rapidly growing workforce.

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I would agree, and find it to be applicable outside of safety training as well. With today's economic challenges, traveling to multiple locations to provide training is more and more difficult. Online training allows numerous people in varying locations to hear the same message, and it costs companies less to ensure people are trained. We get requests all the time for links to training for our products - everyone's hungry for education. What better vehicle than one that can be utilized at the trainee's conveniences, and that allows them to watch it over an over so the message is retained? It sounds good to us!
Yes there is a place you can go to take the 500 or the 501 trainer course online. I am an adjunct professor at the Rocky Mountain Education Center OTI in Lakewood, CO. RMEC is the only OTI that is accepted to offer both the 500 and 501 trainer courses online. Go to my web site @, go to the on-line training page, click on the On-line training picture, then on the top left hand side of the page you will see the 500 and 501 course. Go there and go forward. Best of luck to you.
Hello sir, I read your statement, and had to do a double take. I'm a fairly opened minded person, but I find it tough to be totally convinced by your claim. I am a little biased because I do work for a firm that does "hands-on" training in OSHA safety, and test & maintenance on electrical equipment. Can you actually hold up the PPE and look for integrity breaks while doing the computer based or on-line training? Can you reveal the source for your information? Your thoughts?
I thank you for your comment; however, the claim is true. Whether you, I or anyone else believes it, it is true. I totally agree with you and have been standing by the letter of interpretation for CBT or online training as well. It seems very odd to me as well that OSHA has accepted this 500 and 501 online course, but they have. One thing that must be understood about these 500, 501, 10 and 30 hour courses is that it is only covering how to read the OSHA Law, how it derived and what responsibilities the employer and employee has to following safe work practices. It is not designed as "Proficient Level" training for topics such as PPE, Respiratory Protection, Fall Protection, Confined Space, Scaffolding, etc.. These courses that are trainer courses only teach how to present the standards and are not designed to make a trainer or a student competent. There is "Proficient" and "Competent" level training that must take place well beyond the 10 hr, 30 hr, 500 or 501 courses. A lot of companies are selecting to train employees in the 10 or 30 hour course and calling it good. They are being fooled. It is not good. But again to no avail, it is happening. OSHA is calling for proficient level training. As for the on-line courses as the 500 and 501, to learn who to present the material and how to read the standards with the availability of instructor feedback, apparently it is working.
There source of the information is on the RMEC OTI web site at their on-line training section.
To all,

Per my last communication to answer Stara's question, as of April 30th, 2009 the OSHA Training Institute in Lakewood, Colorado has pulled the 500 and 501 online courses. This was due to the new training requirements that we 500 and 501 trainer instructors must follow. The 10 hr and 30 hr are still available to take online but please understand these courses only teach the participants how to navigate through the Standards and cannot be used as your sole means of training. There are requirements set forth by OSHA and other incorporation by reference organizations that have more stringent (Qualified, Competent, Authorized) requirements for Safety and Health training topics.

You can still register to take online courses (as a supplemental) from my websites Virtual University.
You know, I've seen many of these modules, and I really do not have anything good to say about them. I am seeing a growing trend in the safety community that values "getting a card the wallet" rather than focusing on quality, hands on experience, real discussion, and thorough understanding of the material. Sure, a company who has a "safety person", aka HR, payroll, and safety person, or the person who "runs the warehouse" and is responsible for "safety" could use these modules and "feel good about themselves" that they got the training done, but seriously, who do we think we are fooling with this crap? All these programs are good for are companies who have a phony safety program; a pseudo safety professional who knows nothing more besides getting cards in the wallet, a canned boiler plate safety manual that never gets opened nor read, but when you really look under the hood their programs are not even close to where they need to be. Sure, people will tell you otherwise, especially if they are on the commission end of this giant "cash cow" that has emerged in recent years, but truthfully, if we are saying that this stuff is anywhere near adequate we are fooling ourselves. Yeah, "OSHA approves it", but the bottom line is is that this stuff belongs in the garbage can and can not in a million years do what a real trainer can do. This stuff is a joke.
I disagree, on the whole, the course whether it be on line or with a trainer in person, is only as good as the student.
If the student is at all passionate about safety, he will simply use the couse as a building block to work on and not as complete product, I am just completing my safety managers course with Steve Geigle at OSHAcadamy, which I have found to be extreamly educational, and when you combine that with several years of inhouse safety, and safety commitee work, and 6 months UK HSE, training in risk assesment and accident investigation, I honestly believe it provides a well rounded and ballanced package. No matter how much online or class room training we get, you still need the real world to learn and hone your skills. And I believe that safety is or should be a commitment to others and not just a way of climbing the ladder
The OSHA 500 course has no business being an online course. It matters not how passionate a safety professional might be, being able to stand in front of a group and present material in an enjoyable way is not something one can obtain from a computer screen. It take practice and that is one of the functions of the OSHA 500 course. I recently went to a refresher course and I had to remind the instructor of the purpose of the course as he only wanted to tell war-stories for 4 days! The last 1 and 1/2 days were then productive and the other students thanked me for keeping us on track. I've been doing this for nearly 40 years and I still find something to take away from this required update courses.


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