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Key Strategies Health-Focused Companies Use to Avoid Workplace Injuries

When people think about workplace injuries, they automatically think about workers in heavy mechanical industries where manual work is more common. But injuries in the workplace happen regardless of the type of employment. In fact, according to the Liberty Mutual Index, the top cause of injury in the workplace is overexertion, usually because of outside sources.

Many health-focused companies have incorporated key strategies into their corporate policies to mitigate any form of harm from occurring and ensure employee safety. These policies are translated into programs facilitated not just by the human resource personnel but also by the managers, whose primary concern at large is the integrity of the organization.

With these said, the following are some of the best strategies many health-focused companies implement to encourage and sustain their employees’ health in the workplace.

Encourage Communication

Every company establishes its own occupational safety and health standards. It’s a legal and social obligation that is made mandatory by law. Since it concerns the employees themselves, these companies see to it that any concerns about the existing standards are communicated to the supervisors so they can be looked into and modified when necessary to serve their purpose better.

These require a series of integrations into hiring policy, supervisor training, and establishing internal channels that may eliminate the fear of expression under confidentiality.

A common practice among these companies is routinely checking on their employees. These one-on-one sessions are not only cathartic for employees but also an effective way to zoom into the internal core of what’s fueling the company. These usually produce unexpected concerns that some employees are too hesitant to express themselves.

Implement Strict Hiring Policies

Harmonizing a company’s OSH goals entails that all individuals of the organization adhere to the basic guidelines of the workplace law. Not only does the organization need people who understand its importance, but it also specifically needs people who have the skills and capacity to facilitate these policies individually and as a member of the collective.

Some workplace injuries could result from untrained people, conflict, or potential health concerns among employees. Thus, many companies have strict hiring processes that usually require applicants to pass workplace drug screenings and health exams.

Provide Workplace Safety Training

Perhaps one the most logical mitigation practice is to train employees to respond when emergencies happen. Companies provide regular employee safety education about first aid and disaster management.

Fire and earthquake drills are examples of programs that draw from this principle. By keeping their employees in charge of themselves and one another, they are reminding everyone that employee safety is everybody’s responsibility.

Coordinating with Facility Departments

Keep in mind that private organizations are still part of the community. American laws provide the fundamental workplace regulations, especially concerning the safety of employees. Any outside aid would be vital in ensuring that the organization’s goals are followed through and that their OSH goals are met.

Health-focused companies see to it that they coordinate with the building management according to the demands of their OSH goals. Some of these strategies include the use of products or components such as antislip rugs or handrails that will help prevent falls, slips, or any form of accident. Some incorporate technology like CCTV to monitor workplace activity and biometrics to foil attempts at crime.

Enforcing Strict Workplace Policies

Many workplace injuries could have been prevented by simply following established precautions. So aside from providing routine training to employees, health-focused companies keep proper signage, ensure a clean workspace day in and day out, and stay up to date with maintenance.

They also ensure that policies are laid out and carried out well. Any injunction of these policies is met with the proper disciplinary action without exception. Before these, comprehensive training or seminar is usually given to see to it that everyone is on the same page.

Aside from these practices, health-focused companies see to it that these standards are integrated into their yearly development plans. These practices not only protect the business from loss and lawsuits but also create a positive environment where employees actively engage in at work.

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