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Top 6 Interesting and Surprising Dolphin Facts for All of You

Dolphins are one type of marine creature which is very playful in nature. They look like fish but are far more intelligent than any other fish. They perform impressive tricks that in turn can fascinate mankind. Kids love dolphins due to their fascinating activities. There are various water bodies where dolphins are visible. They are very helpful to the society. According to one of the dolphin facts, the creatures have once helped the U.S navy in protecting the nuclear warheads.

Top list of dolphin facts             

  1. Dolphin use clicks and whistles to communicate

You can observe dolphins making variety of vocalizations. They talk to one another by blowing whistle. But when they become excited you will be able to see a loud burst and pulse sound. Also, the female dolphins make the burst pulse in order to reprimand their offspring.

  1. Mystery in language

One among the dolphin facts says the language which the dolphin speaks is still a mystery. There are marine scientists who have been vigorously recording and researching on the vocalization of the dolphins for decades. The facts which the scientists have found are related to Rosetta stone.  This is what links the vocalization of the animal to the behaviour. But, even today scientists are searching for the stone.

  1. Dolphins responds to their name

You will be surprised to learn that each Dolphin has its own name. Moreover, they responds only when somebody utters their name. This is really one of the fascinating facts which most of the people are not aware about the dolphins.

  1. Species of Dolphin

People have recognized dolphin as sweet and playful creature. But, have you ever realize the species of dolphin? According to one of the dolphin facts, there are around 43 different species of dolphins. Few live in temperate and Tropical Ocean, whereas another group of dolphins live in colder water bodies.

  1. Facts on birth giving

Did you know that some of the species of female dolphin are known as cow. It is quite surprising that they carry their babies inside their womb for 9 to 17 months. This is the time just before they give birth to their babies / calves. Another interesting fact is the process of their birth. They see their tail to bring at first. Thus, there is no chance for them to drown.

  1. Regeneration of the skin

In Dolphins the process of regeneration is really fast. They can typically get their skin regenerated in just 2 hours of time.  Also, after the process of skin regeneration it looks really sleek and smooth. This is one of the very fascinating dolphin facts.

Dolphins come with many more fascinating facts. It is quite surprising to learn that a superpod can consist of more than 1000 dolphins. The habitat, food as well as their way of living is really fascinating. But, the Dolphin as a specie is endangered. There are some group of people who hunts for the meat of Dolphin. But, the creature has its meat filled with mercury.

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