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"Using Digital Communications to Promote a Safer Workplace"

There are so many amazing resources available to Safety Professionals, both on this board as well as out in the marketplace.

I have the privilege of working with some outstanding client partners that frequently invite me into their operation to "walk the plant" or see the facility firsthand. Invariably when I see the operation, there is always some sort of “visual” material being used, ranging from safety posters to internally written “safety bulletins” to statistical data in graph or chart form.

Using an interactive system to “speak” to employees is a fantastic way to communicate important safety information, as well as announcements, updates, employee recognition, alerts, etc.

It’s fairly common to find a TV set in the breakroom of these facilities, normally tuned into (at best) CNN or the WeatherChannel, or (at worst) Judge Judy or Jerry Springer…

Why not use that TV display as a communications tool for your safety program?

On August 11th, Clement Communications will be having a Webinar discussion to review our latest program release – Digital Messaging content. Many of you in the industry are well familiar with our safety posters, newsletters and printed content over the years.

Clement’s new Digital Messaging program enables you to use any widescreen TV as a communications display through web-delivered content. Without a large capital expense in technology, use a typical office PC and any widescreen TV to:
- Reinforce your training topics
- Recognize employees
- Bring your employees local weather, traffic, news, etc
- Engage different departments within your organization (Continuous Improvement, Q/C, H/R, etc)

Please contact me through the forum and I’ll be sure to send you the registration link via email so you can gather the information. Webinar times will be at 10AM and 4PM Eastern time, and are completely FREE.

I look forward to speaking to you on August 11th!

Brian Gilbert
Director, Industry Development
Clement Communications

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Hi Brian,

This is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is a fact that most companies with Televisions in the lunch rooms often tune in to talk shows cnn or just the weather forecast.

Using the TV as a Message board is a brilliant idea. Keep the good input coming. Once more, thanks Brian.


Thanks Brent!

This program was really conceived for the client that would be able to see value in promoting safety and health, while also benefitting from organizational announcements, briefs, updates, etc.

That being said, I'm a big fan of regular broadcast TV :-) One client has even taken it a step further by showing CNN in the upper right corner during the scheduled shift lunch breaks while maintaining the messaging in the other three screen display areas. It's a way to have the "cake and eat it too"...
Thanks for the interest everyone! Please contact me through the board or at if you'd like to attend on the 11th! It's online and it's FREE!
Thanks to all for the interest - tomorrow's web event is geared up to be another well-attended affair!

It's not too late to register - please email me at and I'll reply with the log-on information - just select either our 10AM or 4PM (Eastern) session and let me know!


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