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Hi all,
We have heard that due to the high importance that OSHA are placing on dust explosions that there has been a rush to get the dust/powders companies are using tested for its explosive properties. this apperars to be stretching the US laboratories capacity and they are quoting lead times of more than 6 weeks.
I would be intersted to know if anyone has encountered this because my company can help.
We recently were approached by a manufacturer of high tech coatings based in Ohio, they contacted us as they needed a suite of tests (Kst, Pmax, MIT etc) carried out urgently. US laboratories were quoting lead times of 4-6 weeks. They placed the order with BRE and sent the sample of powder by UPS on the Friday and were emailed the test report the following Thursday.

As one of the largest research, testing and certification laboratories in Europe BRE have the capability to meet very tight time constraints as well as to be both competitive and undertake tests to US standards. Such as ASTM E1226-05 Pressure and rate of pressure rise.

For more information go to or see attached

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Kevin, glad to know of your company as a resource.
Chilworth Dust Explosion Testing Services

ISO 17025 & GLP Accredited Laboratories

As most professionals interested in process safety are aware Chilworth Technology is an international group of companies with extensive presence in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Span, and India. Chilworth has been providing laboratory testing, consulting, and training services in the specialist process safety fields of dust fires and explosions, thermal instability, static electricity, gas and vapor flammability, energetic (explosive) materials, and chemical reactivity for over 25 years.

Our extensive ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in Plainsboro, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois are fully equipped to perform all the tests listed by NFPA 654 and OSHA Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program(CPL 03-00-008) including:

− Minimum Explosible Concentration
− Minimum Ignition Energy
− Maximum Explosion Pressure, Maximum Rate of Pressure Rise, & Kst
− Layer Ignition Temperature
− Dust Cloud Ignition Temperature
− Limiting Oxidant Concentration (LOC)
− Electrostatic Volume Resistivity
− Electrostatic Charge Relaxation Time
− Electrostatic Chargeability
− Class II (Ignition Sensitivity & Explosion Severity for Classification of Electrical Equipment in Dusty Environments)
− % Through 40 Mesh (420µm)
− % Moisture Content
− % Combustible Material
− % Combustible Dust
− Particle Size Distribution

Chilworth turnaround times for the above tests is between 2 working days and 15 working days, depending on our client’s requirements.

For more information regarding Chilworth Technology, please visit our website at

With Kind Regards

Vahid Ebadat, Ph.D.

Chilworth Technology, Inc.
Thanks for the posted flyers. I have saved them and will share them with my clients in the Power Industry.

Did you know… · Most manufacturing Housekeeping and Custodial staff are not trained or equipped, to safely clean, contain, recycle and dispose of Combustible Dust per NFPA 654 Standard Chapter 8. · Trace amounts of dust buildup will increase wear and tear on all equipment. · Utility costs will increase when dust accumulates on equipment. · Dust buildup can decrease facility lighting and lower employee morale. · Dust buildup can increase safety hazards and increase insurance rates. IMC will improve the safety and cleanliness of your facility, extend the lifetime of your equipment, and inspire confidence in your working staff. Debris restricting air flow in an HVAC system. Disastrous explosion from combustible dust buildup. Daily Housekeeping cleaning does not always keep up with the accumulations of dust and particulate inside Dust Collectors, HVAC Systems, and High Ceiling Surfaces. IMC provides a detail-oriented cleaning of all facility and high surfaces including ceilings, trusses, beams, conduit, piping, ductwork, lighting, walls, floors, contents, equipment, and more. IMC will effectively remove the buildup of accumulated dust, particulate, and debris. A Certificate of Completion will also be provided documenting your preventative maintenance program. Call now for a free consultation on our Preventative Maintenance programs. Jon Barrett Business Development Specialist Interior Maintenance Company, Inc.- Providing Green Cleaning Services For Your Facility! Cell# 267-886-7903 or # 800-220-6547 Fax# 610-626-8860 Visit us at Specialists in Federal, Industrial, and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning, High Surface cleaning, Dust Collector Cleaning, Combustible Dust Cleaning, Laboratory Hood and Vent Cleaning, Kitchen Hood Exhaust cleaning, Grease Trap cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Trash Chute cleaning, Dumpster/Container cleaning, Conveyor Belt Cleaning, Environmental Decontamination, Microbial Remediation, Building Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Janitorial Cleaning, Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing, Gum Removal, Graffiti Removal, and Specialty Anti-Microbial painting
You might be interested in this database of 4000 dust samples:

"Important combustion and explosion characteristics of more than 4000 dust samples from virtually all sectors of industry were determined as a basis for the safe handling of combustible dusts and for the planning of preventive and protective measures against dust explosions in dust-generating and processing plants. The present database was realised with the financial support of the European Commission."

C/S Explovent
Twitter: @explovent
You may as well keep in mind that flammability data of combustible dusts vary a lot and that using such databases may lead to errors and undersizing of protection devices. Unlike (pure) gases or vapors where litterature data can generally be trusted, confidence in dust data is gained only from lab test on representative sample from your plant.

By the way, you can have a lab tour of Chilworth Inc. labs on the following link :
An explosion is defined as a sudden reaction involving a rapid physical or chemical oxidation reaction or decay generating an increase in temperature or pressure or both simultaneously. The most familiar reactions are those of flammable gases, vapours or dust with the oxygen contained in the air.

Basis for an explosion
As a rule, for explosions to happen in atmospheric air, three factors have to be present at the same time:
- flammable substance
- oxygen (air)
- source of ignition

In production and work places an increased risk of explosion can develop wherever the preconditions for an explosion are fulfilled. Typical hazardous areas form in mills and stores for milled products and other combustible dusts.

The first two components - the flammable substance and air - must be present in sufficient quantities to form an explosive atmosphere. The statutory definitions of explosion protection - deduced from the regulations on health and safety at work - are concerned with work places. For this reason discussions about explosion protection are usually restricted to reactions with the oxygen in the air.

Oxidation reactions normally involve the release of heat and a pressure increase, and therefore fulfil the criteria of an explosion. It is generally assumed that a volume of 10 l of an explosive mixture in an enclosed space can cause damage - particularly to people. For this reason, any area in which such a volume of an explosive
mixture can collect is described as a hazardous area.
Great post Kevin with very helpful comments that all visitors throughout the workplace can learn from. Thanks everyone for your valuable input and active participation.
Good Job Kev. Thanks for this piece of information.

Thanks for the information. I do not know which labs you contacted in North America but I find it hard to believe that there was a 6 week delivery time. You may have gotten a better delivery time with BRE since you are affiliated with BRE.

Our company performs all the ASTM standard dust explosibility tests for NFPA 645 and the OSHA NEP and our delivery time is no where near that long. We can get data back on a single sample (KSt, Pmax, MEC, MIE, MAIT etc) in about 2 weeks.

Please check out our web site at


Ashok Ghose Dastidar, PhD MBA
Manager, Dust & Flammability Testing and Consulting Services
Fauske & Associates, LLC


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