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We are the industry leader in Online Health & Safety Training! We have provided our services to companies such as Bridgstone Aircraft Tires, Transammonia and Carnival Cruise Lines. Now it's time to get your business on board!

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Welcome To Our Safety Campus!

We are the premier online safety training site for Construction, Haz-Mat and General Industry. Our interactive courses include HAZWOPER, Confined Space, First Aid, Crane & Scaffolding Safety, Fire Prevention and Extinguisher Training and many others, including customized courses specifically created for our clients!

Safety Campus Training Programs offer these great advantages to our clients;

  • Easy learning, no-stress online safety training
  • OSHA Compliant courses in the comfort of your home or workplace
  • Affordable cost effective safety training for employees
  • Online training improves employee production and reduces time away from work
  • Huge library of safety courses available
  • Easy-to-use online training environment
  • Fully customized health & safety training courses available for our corporate customers

PhotobucketWe understand the challenges facing business owners in regard to OSHA Regulations. We provide these organizations with OSHA required health, safety training and human resource consultation services that focus on cost effective solutions that work!

Our mission is to provide workplace safety training services that are customized specifically to meet the needs of our clients, so that they may provide their employees a safe workplace that meets the stringent OSHA regulations while achieving optimum performance. Providing comprehensive online safety training courses for employees gives all companies an edge in todays competitive market. Online training courses and e-learning are now providing more and more companies with the opportunity to train their employees more effectively and efficiently. Online safety training courses also allows companies to thoroughly train their employees in an engaging and interactive manner, and e-learning provides the flexibility that is needed in todays rapidly growing workforce.

Hurry and SIGN UP NOW!!! You are only a few clicks away from starting your online safety training course. All you have to do is Register, Review & Pass and you get your online certificate immediately. At our Online Safety Training Web-site, it's simple as that!

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Swine flu may make a comeback when children head back to school. 2 Replies

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Success Is For Those Who Never Stop Learning

Started by Safety Training International Feb 2, 2009.

Reducing Or Ignoring Workplace Safety During Business Downturns Costly, ASSE Notes 1 Reply

Started by Safety Training International. Last reply by Erin Tricker Jan 30, 2009.


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Comment by Jeremy D. Malin on September 18, 2012 at 11:13am

Hello Kevin, my opinion is that the extinguishers should be available for use. The speculation is that people may endanger themselves attempting to put the fire out. The fact is that an extinguisher will limit the damage done to body and property. I think that the best thing would be to spend a few minutes explaining to the tenants how and when to use the extinguisher. Expecting a person to make a bad choice is as productive as a sales person assuming a customer does or doesnt have money based on appearance.

Comment by Kevin Moore on April 5, 2012 at 9:29am

Hello, my name is Kevin. I have been asking other groups and other safety professionals their thoughts and opinions about organizations removing fire extinguishers from common areas of residential areas, such as the Housing Urban Authority (HUD) and student campus living areas. I've read that in articles on line from England; fire extinguishers were removed from the common areas where students are living on campus. Here in the states, I have family members living in a housing authority area belonging to HUD. They removed the fire extinguishers from the individual living units. A supervisor stated that there is more risk associated with having an extinguisher rather then just leaving the burning area, closing the door or containing the fire, and calling 911; because often, time is wasted and a false sense of security is maintained believing the extinguisher is the proper piece of equipment and the contents are within the extinguisher will put our the fire....or will the fire worsen because the extinguisher is empty or not containing the correct ingredient. In the end, this could lead to loss of life! In the unit where my family member lives extinguishers are ABC Dry Chemical extinguishers. I am looking for anyone having an opinion about the reasoning for removing the extinguisher from the home or common area and opinions about occupant safety without an extinguisher? I have not seen statistics on the outcome of incidents involving death due to having or not having an extinguisher. Or, the inability to extinguish a fire or aggravate a fire! Anyway, I am looking fro suggestion or comments in order to further pursue this. Thanks

Comment by John Padilla on September 26, 2010 at 9:44pm
Just passed CERT training with FEMA looking for others to take the class.
Recon John
Comment by Safety Community on February 10, 2009 at 3:42pm
Hello all! Please feel free to add any online or offline events to the events section of -
Comment by Bob Dawson on January 19, 2009 at 9:01am
By now we have all watched the news footage of US Air Flight 1549. As a frequent flyer and one that has been on board my fair share of plane rides that were not exactly perfect, I have a fond appreciation for that crew, many thanks to all of you for what you did to ensure the safety of every passenger.
The safety of every passenger on this flight did not just happen. A plane going down is probably one of the frightening experiences for any of us. The crew on this flight reacted in a manner that shows the importance of not just learning the safety procedures, but actually reacting to them as if you had to do that on every flight. That does not just happen. While some of our businesses are not in a position to have the lives of 150 plus people in their hands, many of us have at least one, even if it is just yourself. Safety training is taught at all levels. Meetings are held, videos are shown and employees are required to say they were at the meeting and saw the video. If that is where your safety training stops, shame on you!
Safety should be a habit for all of us. Safe behaviors need to be reinforced daily so that they become habits. When that happens, your employees will react like the crew of Flight 1549 did. They will immediately know what to do and how to do it. So, the next time you have a thought about a safety incentive or recognition program and your mind goes to “yeah, but I have no budget for that”, think again.
Safety incentive and recognition does pay, it is a worthy investment and the crew of Flight 1549 proved that yesterday.

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