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JPMF set to embark on Driving for Change Tour of British Columbia

The John Petropoulos Memorial Fund (JPMF) is hitting the highway as part of a cross-B.C. tour to promote its Driving For Change public awareness campaign and to educate motorists about the province’s new rules of the road to protect emergency workers.

The JPMF, which strives to eliminate preventable workplace fatalities and… Continue

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Job Hazard Analysis - Introduction

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The job hazard analysis is an important safety tool. A job hazard analysis (JHA) or job safety analysis (JSA) breaks down a worker's job into specific tasks. From there each task is broken into specific steps. Each step is then analyzed for hazards that may be present.

Since a job hazard analysis takes time, priorities must be set to determine which jobs… Continue

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Does a manufacturer required anchor point elevation of 18½ feet preclude the use of a shock absorbing lanyard in aerial lifts? On January14, 2009 Noah Connell, Acting Director, Directorate of Construction for OSHA, issued an interpretation as to whether a manufacturer-stipulated minimum anchor point elevation of 18½ feet precludes the use of a shock absorbing lanyard in an aerial lift.

He stated in that interpretation that “…section 1926.502(d)(16)(iii) requires a personal fall… Continue

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More on Overexertion Injuries: Repetitive Motion Injuries

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Repetitive motion injuries (RMI), are gradually developing injuries of soft-tissue structures such as tendons, nerves, and muscles. Repetitive motion injuries are most common in fingers, wrists, elbows, arms and shoulders. Characterized by pain and discomfort, repetitive motion injuries tend to become progressively worse over time if not treated, and may result in a… Continue

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Eye Injuries and Protection

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Approximately 2000 eye injuries occur everyday in the workplace (in the US). The construction Industry has one of the highest rates of injury. Common sources of injuries are from dust, metal, wood, slag, drywall, cement and other fine particles. Rebounding nails are also one of the…


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The Four Day Work Week and Overexertion Injuries

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High gasoline prices last year and the economic down-turn this year are affecting both employees and businesses. Doing more with less in an already Lean environment as well as the rising costs of material and general overhead has number of businesses considering going to a four day work week. As part of this consideration, the effect on employee safety must be considered.

While survey results so far show that generally… Continue

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OSHA To Look at Why Cowboys' Facility Collapsed

Saw this article and thought it interesting...

Some initial thoughts:

--I don't know the specifics, but it looked as if the structure wasn't permanent (attached to the ground).

--If it wasn't, why not build a permanent facility (truly brick and mortar)

--How much control can… Continue

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New powered tilt truck is motorized to haul heavy garbage and trash

DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis has introduced a motorized tilt truck that transports and maneuvers trash and waste in your facility. The motorized truck eliminates the manual pushing of heavy garbage containers and increases the efficiency of the disposal process for your business. The powered tilt truck is motorized for moving heavy trash and debris used for… Continue

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Overexertion Injuries and Lifting Requirements

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According to Liberty Mutual's "Most Disabling Injury Report", overexertion ranks first as the leading cause of workers compensation claims costs in the workplace. This event category, which includes injuries related to lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying, or throwing, accounted for more than one-quarter of the overall national burden at 25.7 percent. In the latest data year (2006), these injuries cost businesses $12.4… Continue

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The Safety Professional

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Something a bit more lighthearted is on tap this Friday. I wish everyone a safe weekend. (Note: This floated around the internet at one point. I saved it. Unfortunately, I have no idea of its original source or author.)

Sandwiched tightly between Top Brass and the teaming masses sits a wild-eyed individual madly singing…


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Swine Flu and Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace - Part II

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Part I dealt with things you as a safety professional can do to protect your employees in the workplace. React appropriately, with enough emphasis on the issue to let the employees know that you are on top of it, but not to the extent that you panic them further.

Part II will deal with a safety professional's role in maintaining business…


Added by Pam Wilkinson on April 30, 2009 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

New Motorized Dump Hopper eliminates strains and pains from transporting heavy trash and debris in factories, schools and warehouses

DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis has introduced a motorized dump hopper that disposes your trash and debris in your facility. The Motorized Dump Hopper eliminates the manual pushing of heavy trash containers and increases the efficiency of the disposal process for your business. The… Continue

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Swine Flu and Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace - Part I

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With the spread of Swine Flu, a workplace must think of keeping the workplace as safe as possible, both for the employees health and to maintain the day-to-day viability of the business.

Note: As of this writing, the World Health Organization has not labeled the Swine Flue as a pandemic. However, this is the time to make sure your business continuity plan is up to… Continue

Added by Pam Wilkinson on April 29, 2009 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

Classifying Employee Exposure to Pandemic Influenza at Work

Employee risks of occupational exposure to influenza during a pandemic may vary from very high to high, medium, or lower (caution) risk. The level of risk depends in part on whether or not jobs require close proximity to people potentially infected with the pandemic influenza virus, or whether they are required to have either repeated or extended contact with known or suspected sources of pandemic influenza virus such as coworkers, the general public,… Continue

Added by John Miley on April 28, 2009 at 4:18pm — 1 Comment

Who Should Plan for a Pandemic

To reduce the impact of a pandemic on your operations, employees, customers and the general public, it is important for all businesses and organizations to begin continuity planning for a pandemic now. Lack of continuity planning can result in a cascade of failures as employers attempt to address challenges of a pandemic with insufficient resources and employees who might not be adequately trained in the jobs they will be asked to perform. Proper planning will allow employers to better protect… Continue

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How a Severe Pandemic Influenza Could Affect Workplaces

Unlike natural disasters or terrorist events, an influenza pandemic will be widespread, affecting multiple areas of the United States and other countries at the same time. A pandemic will also be an extended event, with multiple waves of outbreaks in the same geographic area; each outbreak could last from 6 to 8 weeks. Waves of outbreaks may occur over a year or more. Your workplace will likely experience:

- Absenteeism - A pandemic could affect as many as 40 percent of the workforce… Continue

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International Workers' Memorial Day - an annual day of remembrance for workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work, takes place around the world today (April 28th).

Worldwide, more than a million workers die each year due to job injuries and illnesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States alone, 5,657 workers were killed by traumatic injuries in 2007 (most recent statistics). That's over 15 worker deaths per day. Another estimated… Continue

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JPMF recognizes International Day of Mourning

The John Petropoulos Memorial Fund (JPMF) is urging everyone to reflect on the importance of workplace safety during the International Day of Mourning on Tuesday, April 28th, 2009.

“The International Day of Mourning is an important reminder to all of us to pause and remember the workers who have died on the job or passed away due to work-related illnesses. It’s also an important time to think about all those people who have been injured on the job - and take a… Continue

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How Flu Spreads

The main way that influenza viruses are thought to spread is from person to person in respiratory droplets of coughs and sneezes. This can happen when droplets from a cough or sneeze of an infected person are propelled through the air and deposited on the mouth or nose of people nearby. Influenza viruses may also be spread when a person touches respiratory droplets on another person or an object and then touches their own mouth or nose (or someone else’s mouth or nose) before washing their… Continue

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Who is Responsible for Safety?

There are two causes of accidents: unsafe conditions and unsafe acts. A couple of posts last week dealt with unsafe conditions that made the news. Nine out of ten accidents are the result of unsafe acts, though not always by the person immediately involved in the mishap. Today we'll deal with a common occurrence - unsafe acts by employees.

When it comes right down to it, the employee is ultimately responsible for their own safety. Why then, do employees make the choice to do unsafe… Continue

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Workplace safety for workers other than your own 2 Replies

Do your workplace/traffic safety plans include safety measures for workers who are not your own employees? Do they take into account the safety of those who will be - or could be - at your workplace,…Continue

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Started by John Petropoulos Memorial Fund. Last reply by Tara safe Mar 1.

What % of Dollars should be bugeted for All Safety Training for a "Heavy Equipment Road Construction" company with 100 employees? 1 Reply

I have been at a Highway and Road Construction company for six months. I am developing a (first) complete training program. I am the 1st full time safety hire for this company. I need to develop a…Continue

Started by JTurpening. Last reply by Jen McDade Feb 19.

Technology and Safety 1 Reply

What are the most useful tools to have at your fingertips? -Toolbox Talks-JSA-JHA-Daily Reports, etc. What is falling through the cracks that could be an easy fix? Safety Managers, Coordinators and…Continue

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Important of Warning sign 1 Reply

Warning sign is a type of traffic sign that guide a hazard ahead on the road. Having proper warning sign on the road provide a healthy environment.Continue

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Started by healthandsafetysigns. Last reply by Jen McDade Jan 14.

Workers paticipation in safety management 2 Replies

Workers paticipation in safety management is the aspect which is required to be implemented in the OHSAS 18001 2007 version. , I invite our experience community members to share their views on the…Continue

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Started by SafetyRaja. Last reply by Tara safe Dec 27, 2018.



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