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How she became the world’s youngest mother: explore about Precocious puberty

Becoming mother at young age is of no surprise. There was a time when girls got married before the age of 18years. When they give birth to a child the age is around 18years. But, did you know about a mother with the age of only 5 years? Yes, that is true. The girl’s name was Lina Medina. This is a true fact which took place back in 1939. Later we all read in books that the World’s Youngest Mother was named as Lina Medina.

Facts about youngest mother           

The 5 years old gave birth to a healthy baby boy. It is really very hard to believe but is a fact and considered as one of the medical marvel. Lina was a girl from one of the poorest family. She lived in a small Peruvian village. The area was located 7,400 feets up the mountains. When she conceived at such a young age the parents of the girl could not think about her pregnancy at all. Thus, they thought it was a big tumour in her abdomen. Thus, they rush to doctor. When doctor told them the cause of bulging stomach of their little girl they were entirely surprised. The Doctor said she was 8 months pregnant. Soon she became the world’s youngest mother.

Precocious puberty

Normally, girls get puberty within the age of 10-14 years. But, precocious puberty is a type of physical condition in both girl as well as boy child who develop puberty before 8-9 years of their age. The chances of getting precocious puberty in girl child are 10 times more than that in a boy.  The suspect also came due to sexual activities at very early stage. During this puberty period there is a massive change in bones of individual. The size as well as body shapes changes consistently. The body develops in such a way that it makes the girl capable to reproduce.

Reason behind precocious puberty

Vigorous study took place among the researches in medical fields. Getting the exact reason of early puberty is not exact and same to every girl or a boy. But, some of the likely causes are abnormalities in brain, hormonal disorder, tumours, infections, etc. These are the some of the probable reason behind early puberty in an individual. May be this is one of the reasons that has made Lina Medina the world’s youngest mother.

The delivery process of Medina

You all must be eager to know whether and how the delivery took place. Yes, you are correct. The delivery was not normal as the body of the child had a slim frame which will not allow the full body child to pass through the birth canal. Thus, the doctors had to do caesarean section. This news was much highlighted at that time. The live coverage as well as interviews was conducted with the world’s youngest mother. But, Medina chose the ordinary life in the village of Peru where she used to live. But she still has the record breaking status of motherhood at such a young age.

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