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Air Quality

When it comes to the air that you breathe you want nothing but the best quality. This applies whether you are at work or at home or anywhere for that matter, but especially in the places where you can control the air quality.

The quality of your air has nothing to do with how comfortable it is making you (in a sense). It is not something that is measured by how hot or cold the air around you is – these are the qualities you look for in a heat pump or air conditioner. When talking about air quality you specifically are talking about how many harmful particles that your lungs are coming into contact with.

When you are in a place that is very dry and dusty or near a construction site you can tell that the air quality is lower due to the dust particles being kicked up. This leads to people sneezing or coughing and having difficulty breathing. The signs are not often this obvious, however.

Mold and Mildew rot

If you have ever left bread out for a long time you will notice that it starts to grow a certain green bacteria. This is called Mold. Whenever the conditions are right- hot and moist- and there is enough food then Mold will thrive. This includes inside your house. The Mold that grows inside your house might not be exactly the same as the one that grows on bread but it is still a Mold none the less (just like Mildew Rot)

The dangerous part about Mold is that you cannot see it when it is reproducing. It releases microscopic spores into the atmosphere that spreads and will start to grow new Mold when the conditions are right.

The dangers of Mold

So there are these spores in the air that we cannot see with the naked eye, but why is this a bad thing? Think about the fact that you cannot see the air particles around you but what happens to them? You breathe it in. The same goes for these spores.

These spores, when inhaled, are toxic to humans and can cause respiratory problems such as lung disease, irritations of the lungs and allergic reactions. This is why it is important to identify mold and to get rid of it immediately.

How to rid yourself of Mould

There are many products on the market that advertise a quick fix to your mold problems but they rarely last long and often end up doing more damage. The best way to prevent and stop mold is to have a good air ventilation system in place.

By releasing fresh air into the system, the positive pressure will remove any stale air trapped within (basically the old hot and humid air). This is called a positive ventilation system and is recommended by E2 Electrical in Hamilton.

E2 Electrical do the supply, installation and maintenance of home and office ventilation systems (positive ventilation only). Find out more here.

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