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Signs that You are a Victim of Medical Errors and Filing NHS Claims

Medical malpractice is one of the most important issues in health care. No-one wants to admit that this takes place in the NHS service and hope that the percentage is 0.00001% of all services carried out annually. While procedures are in place for complaints regarding NHS public services, the formality is crucial but complicated. You may start to feel alone, out of your depth, fighting a battle, when the real aim is about prevention. Alerting the NHS of unfit practice should about putting something right, moving towards improving the service and the needs of patients. The legality is that this field is not something that comes naturally and where a NHS compensation claim solicitor can come to the rescue.

Patients often know they have the law behind them when it comes to making claims for malpractice. It comes with real difficulty in knowing and proving that you were at the receiving end of medical negligence or malpractice unless you have been documenting it religiously. By law of the health service, records need to kept, which on many occasions help to provide evidence for about your claims. It is an odd formality to log your injuries and recovery when you require treatment from an NHS service, but when mistrust plays a part in service, you wish you had done more to show the results suffered or sustained.  

This goes to show it is important to know what malpractice is and how you can protect your rights when you require a serious operation in the NHS. 

Signs of Medical Malpractice 

There are different kinds of medical malpractice ranging from mismatched diagnoses, the prescription of the wrong medication to the performance of the wrong procedures. Doctors may inadvertently prescribe the wrong medication which does not do anything to treat the condition. In most cases, this could lead to the certain side effects that could worsen the problem. Delays in treatment could lead to worsened conditions that have proved lethal for some patients in the past.

Incorrect interpretation of lab tests can lead to the wrong medical solution and proved harmful to the patient. If you or a loved one have experienced any of these things or any other scenario that was not what was expected from a competent health care professional, whether he's a surgeon, a GP or a nurse, you know that you are entitled to some form of compensation. 

The wrong medical decision jeopardized my health which led to more procedures and corrective treatments down the road which cost me my life savings. This also cost me countless days and nights in anxiety and worry knowing that the wrong and negligent acts of a professional medical doctor cost me my health and deprived me of the quality of health care that I was paying good money for. 

You have a malpractice case when you have proof that a health care professional has been negligent in providing you with quality of care that is expected of him or her. It could stem from a failure to act or the wrong action for a particular case for which a prudent professional in the same field would have performed an entirely different act. The injury must also be demonstrable, which means it can be seen by others and proved to exist by a thorough examination done by a medical expert. 

Dealing with NHS Claims

Compensation can be achieved through NHS claims for NHS treatments that led to injury or a worsening of your current health situation. The limitations are that the complaint must be about any aspect of NHS treatment and claims must be channelled through the NHS complaints procedure. There is also a time limit of 6 months from the date of the incident or within 6 months from finding out that you have a reason for a complaint. The claims must also be directed against the NHS or a related practitioner or health institution.

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