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What Are the Different Types of Protective Gloves?

There are several different types of protective gloves that work to prevent injury to your hands. Depending upon the type of gloves you wear, you can be protected from chemicals, blood, cuts, burns and frostbite. They type of material the gloves are made from determines the hazards you are protected from.

When working with chemicals, there are several different types of protective gloves you can wear. These protective gloves may be made from rubber, neoprene, or vinyl. If working with cold or icy chemicals, neoprene provides the best insulation. Most varieties of these safety gloves are cinched at the wrist to prevent hazardous chemicals from entering the gloves. If handling test tubes or flasks, make sure the gloves have a non-slip grip to prevent dropping the fragile containers.

The different types of protective gloves that guard against blood and other bodily fluids are usually made from latex, polyethylene or nitrile. The gloves must be disposable, as they are changed between patients to prevent the transfer of blood borne pathogens. People who are allergic to latex may prefer polyethylene or nitrile. All varieties of these protective gloves are puncture- and abrasion-resistant.

There are several different types of protective gloves that prevent cuts from occurring on your hands. Most of these gloves are made from metal mesh or Kevlar?knit and are usually worn by people who work in the glass handling, sheet metal and fabric cutting fields. A majority of these gloves, though not all, are also puncture-resistant and can be worn by people who work in the animal handling field.

Leather and Kevlar?gloves are the two different types of protective gloves used to guard against extreme heat. Leather gloves are perfect for handling hot objects, but they aren't flame-resistant. There are several types of Kevlar?gloves that are flame-resistant, making them perfect for people who work in the welding field.

People who work in freezers, cold storage units and outdoors, in snow and ice, need protective gloves to guard against frostbite. These gloves are usually made from leather and lined with fleece. They have Velcro?closures or are cinched at the wrist to prevent the cold air, or snow, from entering the gloves. People who work with sharp objects in a cold environment may prefer insulated gloves that are coated with PVC, for extra protection.

The different types of protective gloves can be purchased at stores that sell uniforms and other types of work gear. You can also purchase them online at various websites. A majority of retailers offer a discount for purchasing large quantities. 

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